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Chef Danny Combs of Sotto Restaurant teaching us how to make pasta dough (Image: Leah Zipperstein / Cincinnati Refined)

Video: How to Make Pasta the Sotto Way

When it comes to pasta, I don't discriminate. Whether it's freshly made noodles out of a back alley restaurant in Guangzhou, China or cold spaghettiOs in the shape of the Super Mario Brothers, pasta is always my go-to meal. But I've never actually had the chance to make it.

Enter Sotto's Chef de Cuisine, Danny Combs. I recently met up with Chef Combs to talk culinary passion and (of course) pasta. Take a peek behind the Sotto curtain and check the video for a quick bit of culinary wisdom.


Before opening this traditional Italian trattoria in 2013, David Falk, the restaurant's owner and founder, already knew a thing or two about building a ravenous following. His two (highly successful) other restaurants, Boca and Nada, sit right next to each other on Sixth Street. Completing the Falk trifecta, Sotto boasts a menu full of perfectly prepared pasta, desserts, and vino. And all at a reasonable price, too. Salute!

The restaurant is underground (which makes sense, since "sotto" literally translates to "underground" in Italian) and the interior's dark wood, low lighting, and brick finishes make the entire experience feel thoroughly secluded and intimate.

So... If these dreary February skies have you hankering for a generous serving of warm and cozy (not to mention delicious), zip up that jacket and hop downstairs to Sotto.

(In the meantime, check the video for a fun "how-to" session with a local culinary luminary.)

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If you'd like to learn more about Sotto, check out the restaurant's website, visit the Facebook page, or swing by in person.

Sotto is located at 118 East Sixth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.)