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UnGrained Bakery is an in-home bakery specializing in serving those with dietary restrictions. In short, the goodies are gluten-free. / Image courtesy of UnGrained Bakery // Published: 1.22.18

Ungrained Bakery Is The Purveyor Of Gluten-Free Goodies

Nowadays, it seems like everyone's going gluten-free. And that's a bummer when your sweet tooth starts aching. Well, folks, I have some good news! UnGrained Bakery is an in-home bakery specializing in serving those with dietary restrictions. Every one of its delectable goodies is gluten-free.

When UnGrained Bakery’s founder, Taylor Nieman, was studying dietetics at UC, she found herself at a crossroad. She was torn by her two great loves: helping people become their healthiest and happiest selves, and feeding her loved ones jumbo chocolate chip cookies. A classic conundrum, for sure. Eventually, she created UnGrained Bakery to build a bridge between the two. Looking for the treats she’s whipping up? You’ve got it, dude!


Espresso Chip Bars: This is a stacked surprise of YUM. It starts with a brown butter chocolate chip cookie and is topped with an espresso meringue buttercream, two kinds of ganache, and cacao nibs.

Gluten-Free Yeast Donuts: It lives up to its name -- your morning favorite, sans gluten. She’s got em’ glazed, sugar-rolled, and filled with gooey goodness.

No-reos: These are an absolute classic. Two crisp chocolate cookies with a marshmallow buttercream filling. All that and no gluten-induced belly ache? Yes, please.

If you just mouthed “OH YEAH” at your screen, then you may also be wondering “Where can I get some of these?” You can find UnGrained treats around Cincy at farmers markets, hand-delivered on custom orders, and at Urbana Cafe in OTR.

To quote Taylor herself, "These baked goods are just like your momma used to make ‘em, but not really."

Use your eyes to tease your taste buds by heading to the photo gallery above.

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UnGrained Bakery is an in-home bakery specializing in gluten-free desserts (and also offers other substitutions for dietary restrictions). Check out the website to order products and find out where you can get these desserts.