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Tweedles offers standard size and mini donuts with customizable toppings. It currently has two locations, one in the Kenwood Mall and another in Clifton at 202 West McMillan St. (45219), with a third location coming soon to Findlay Market. / Image: Tweedles Mini Donuts // Published: 2.14.18

Get Ready To Add "Mini Donuts" To Your List Of Things You Can't Live Without

There’s a new(ish) donut shop in town that will not disappoint you.

Tweedles Mini Donuts began in 2011 solely as a catering company, but once they started participating in local festivals and fairs, they quickly gained a following. This led to the creation of two brick-and-mortar locations: one in the Kenwood Mall and the other in Clifton.

While Tweedles stays true to its catering roots, it bolster events in a big way with its mini creations. What makes Tweedles unique, though, is how the shop allows patrons to customize their donut toppings. There’s no debating the merits of chocolate glaze vs. cinnamon sugar. Want both? Get ‘em together. In addition to standard toppings like powdered sugar, glaze, and rainbow sprinkles, other options include caramel sauce, raspberry sauce, marshmallow cream, s'mores, Fruity Pebbles, Oreo crumbles, M&Ms, and more.

Still, no matter how crazy a creation gets, the Tweedles cinnamon sugar glaze is always its most popular donut, says Sarah Nicholas, a manager at the family-owned and operated company. “Our cinnamon sugar glaze won Best Dessert and Best Overall Dish at Taste of Over-the-Rhine in 2017,” she says. “You know our donuts are good when they beat tacos and BBQ!”

Traditional-types are always available, but the minis remain the favorite — not only are they customizable, but they're also made to order. There’s little better than a warm, gooey circle of sweetness made just for you.

This spring, Tweedles will open at Findlay Market as well as City Flea and the Bunbury Music Festival. You can also hire them to cater an upcoming private event.

No matter how you decide to give them a try (and you should), you’re sure to be impressed.

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Check out Tweedles’ lineup online, and/or give them a try at both Kenwood Mall (across from the Apple Store) or at 202 West McMillan Street (which also serves up soft-serve ice cream, specialty coffee, and baked pretzels).