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Large Sicilian veggie topper / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 8.2.17

Trotta's Drive-Thru Pizza Is The Best Thing We've Tasted In A Hot Minute

To the many individual friends who’ve described Trotta’s as “some of the best pizza on the West Side,” I say to thee: You’re full of it.

It’s not that Trotta’s isn't great. It is. The toppings are plentiful and the garlic crust is a tasty surprise at the end (or beginning, you heathen) of a piece.

Still, let’s not be handcuffed by bashfulness. After all, Trotta’s stacks up with the Adriatico’s, Dewey’s, Mio’s, Goodfellas, and (yes) Larosa’s of the world too. Meaning it’s more than some of the best pizza on the West Side, it’s some of the best pizza in all of Cincy.

But let's pump the breaks here. After all, isn't that just a fancy way of saying Trotta’s has some decent ‘za?

Sure. But it’s fancy for a reason.

The reason, as you’ve probably already deduced, is that Trotta’s pizza comes from a drive thru. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t ordinarily synonymize great food with the act of never getting out of my car.

All the same, here’s how it works: You roll up, place your order, get any beer or wine you’d like, and pull off to the side. A few minutes later, as from an oversized Easy Bake Oven that only produces finger-licking greasiness, your pie is hand delivered. Then you’re off, pizza in the front seat and the smell of garlic infiltrating every crevice of your car, from the inside of your glovebox to the netherworld Tartarus between your seat and hand break.

But does this stereotype-breaking locale only serve pizza? Ooooh no. The mozzarella sticks, jalapeƱo poppers, hoagies, and salads are all delicious too.

What’s more, they have a $37 monstrosity of dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings — the gloriously named Lotta Trotta which certainly satisfies all the criteria of pizza but deserves special mention for its sheer enormity.

It also deserves special mention because it shows the folks at Trotta's aren't bashful about their offerings. Yes, the Lotta Trotta is indeed a lot o' Trotta. But when the pie is this delicious, that's a thing worth celebrating.

And, of course, the same could be said of the drive thru that serves it.

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Trotta’s Pizza is located at 3501 Werk Road (45248). For its menu and its hours, check out the website.