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Ramundo's Pizzeria is just one of many late-night food options in the Queen City

Top 14 Cincinnati Places to Eat Late-Night

You've done it again. A busy morning turned into a busy afternoon, and your two-cups-of-coffee breakfast and vending-machine lunch have landed you in yet another empty-stomach night out. In the midst of that pre-last-call twilight, your mind says, "Another round of Fireballs!" Your stomach protests, "Feed me! And preferably before tomorrow's hangover-induced brunch."

Don't pay the taxi an extra $10 to sit in a drive-through for soggy fries and prepackaged, processed meats. Check out these Queen City late-night stops, conveniently located close to some Queen City late-night hotspots.


1) Pizza: Any self-respecting late-night food list wouldn't be complete without pizza. It's what walk-up windows were made for, right?

a) Ramundo's Pizzeria
Location: Mount Lookout - 3166 Linwood Avenue
Late-night hours: Fri & Sat: until 4 a.m.
Must Try: Forget the pepperoni. Ramundo's has a white sauce pizza, topped with prosciutto, lettuce, tomato, then drizzled with either ranch or mayo.
Price: $2.41 for cheese pizza slice, $2.99 for one-topping slice, .$30 for each additional topping. $16.99 for 20-inch cheese pizza, $2.49 for each topping

b) Lucy Blue
Covington, KY - 611 Main Street
Downtown - 35 E. 7th Street
Mt. Lookout - 3200 Linwood Avenue
Over-the-Rhine - 1126 Main Street
Late-night hours: Tues-Sat: until 3 a.m. (all locations)
Must Try: Get into the Greek pizza, complete with spinach, feta, black olives, and Roma tomatoes. Eat and walk ( with caution).
Price: $2.50 per slice, $15-18 for a 16-inch pizza

2) Gomez Salsa
Location: Over-the-Rhine - 107 East 12th Street
Late-night hours: Thurs: until 2 a.m. / Fri & Sat: 3 a.m.
Notes: The window on the side of HalfCut Beer opens to a Mexican sanctuary in Over-the-Rhine, equipped with abuelita-approved salsas, tacos, and a taco salad with honey cilantro adobo vinaigrette. Fill out your order form under the window and hand it to the cashier. Crucial tip: REMEMBER YOUR ORDER NUMBER (I speak from experience. Make that several experiences.)
Must Try: Gomez bred a burrito and tostada. The result? His #1 seller, the Turtle Shell. Add your faves -- rice, beans, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, meat, veggies, and cheese. Eat for hours.
Price: $3 tacos, $3 salsas, $8 Turtle Shells

3) Bakersfield OTR
Location: Over-the-Rhine - 1213 Vine Street
Late-night hours: Fri & Sat: until 2 a.m.
Notes: For tacos, a drink, and a seat, Bakersfield is OTR's only option for a late-night fiesta. Grab a spot at a communal table, sip on a mason jar Margarita, and choose from the flavor-packed menu (eight tacos, three salads, two sandwiches, and two tostadas). Bakersfield is just as delish as its high-priced neighbors but more affordable. And when it comes to drinks, let's just mention their combined total of 100 tequilas and bourbons and leave it at that. Dios Mio!
Must Try: The queso. Give Bakersfield a fiver and they'll drown black beans, chorizo, and pickled jalapenos in gooey queso fresco. (Chips to the rescue!)
Price: $3 chips & salsa, $3-4 tacos, $6-9 salads, sandwiches, and tostados

4) Metropole's bar
Location: Downtown - 609 Walnut Street
Late-night hours: Frid & Sat: until 1 a.m.
Notes: The late-night bar menu at Metropole (located in 21C Museum Hotel) laughs at that ham-and-cheese-stuffed Hot Pocket you ate at midnight last weekend. Just think, you could've feasted on Wagyu beef tartare with egg yolks, capers, lemon, grain mustard, and toast. All while sipping on a Woodford Reserve classic malt. (Don't worry. They've got a burger and Christian Moerlein beer too. Ya know, for us simple folk.)
Must Try: Choose between three cheeses and three charcuteries (prepared meats) in a charcuterie tasting ($16). It comes with whole grain mustard, pickled seasonal vegetables, grilled bread from Blue Oven Bakery, and a fruit mostarda. There's also more than 120 wines available. Tastes like Heaven.
Price: $2-16 food, $6-9 beers, $7-19 glasses of wine, $9-13 cocktails

5) Gilpin's
Clifton - 2504 West Clifton Avenue
Downtown - 37 East 7th Street
Late-night hours: Tues-Sat: until 3 a.m.
Notes: Eliminate "fried" and "grilled" from your late-night food vocab. In fact, take out "food" and replace it with "grub." Then steam the aforementioned "grub." That process should've given you steamed cheese (not grilled), steamed veggie sandwiches (not fried). Then put it all on a pretzel bun. Who said fourth meals couldn't be gluten-free?
Must Try: The "Doritos" will give any Miami University alum a case of déjà-food-vu. Bagel & Deli's Crunch and Munch, anyone? We're talking turkey, cheddar, ranch, honey mustard, and, of course, Doritos. This time, though, it's on a pretzel bun. Just remember that it's harder to skip work in the morning than class.
Price: $4-7 sandwiches

6) Yard House
Location: Downtown: 95 East Freedom Way
Late-night hours: Fri & Sat: until 1 a.m.
Notes: Yard House is big. It's not just the 11,000 square feet of bar and restaurant. This place also has big music, a big menu, and big beers. You have until 1:20 am to dig through the 160 tap selections, but only until 1 a.m. to pick one of the 100-plus menu items. Now, to make it harder, they have Asian, Mexican, and American cuisine. Decision time. Go!
Must Try: The Firecrackers wings are tossed in a spicy, sesame plum glaze, and topped with green onions. And yep, there's a vegetarian option, too.
Price: $9-13 appetizers, $10-$13 sandwiches and burgers, $6-10 desserts

7) The Comet
Location: Northside - 4579 Hamilton Avenue
Late-night hours: Daily: until 1 a.m.
Notes: Setting up shop before southern Hamilton Avenue's taco district was even conceived, The Comet is the birthplace of Northside's Mexican cuisine. Order at the bar and the food is served to you at one of the 25 tables in the joint's two rooms. Pull up a fave on the jukebox, maybe catch a live show. Is it a bar with food, or a restaurant with drinks? You decide.
Must Try: Burritos, duh. Plus there's a rotating protein of the month (like vegan chicken mole and jerk chicken), as well as salsas (like ginger tomatilla and roasted corn garlic).
Price: $3 chips & salsa, $5-$8 burritos, quesadillas, nachos, beans & rice, and chili con queso ($1-2 for toppings like protein, salsa, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream)

8) Hang Over Easy
Location: Clifton - 13 West Charlton Street
Late-night hours: Daily: until 2:30 a.m.
Notes: This Columbus-based eatery will help you cure your hangover before it sets in. Ameliorative choices on its late-night menu include breakfast (chicken & waffles), brunch (tater tot nachos) or lunch (blue cheese & red onion jam burger). Wash it down with one of the 39 drafts, $3 Bloody Marys (weekend price) or $4 mimosas. And you can always return for brunch if an after-party hangover commences.
Must Try: The Dirty Sanchez. Americans have loved to adulterate Mexican cuisine since before Taco Bell added nacho cheese to potatoes. Hang Over Easy continues this time-honored tradition by stuffing a flour tortilla with scrambled eggs, chorizo, homefries, and queso, then giving it a dirty name. (Ain't that just like a HOE?)
Price: $4-8 breakfast, $8-10 sandwiches and salads

9) Sitwells Coffee House
Location: Clifton - 324 Ludlow Avenue
Late-night hours: Daily: until 1 a.m.
Notes: This cafe's menu mirrors its eccentric poet namesake, offering everything from veggie snacks (hummus and pita) to grandma's classics (meatloaf on whole wheat toast). Drink your coffee, drink your alcohol mixed with coffee, drink your alcohol mixed with coffee mixed with ice cream. Rage on, party people!
Must Try: Sitwells wants to cater to every whim of your buzzed palate. Want some homemade chips & salsa? Maybe some guac' and hummus? Feelin' pita instead of chips? How about Marx Hot bagels? Get in there and have a ball. Your kitchen is Sitwells' kitchen.
Price: $5-8 sandwiches, $8 salads, $2-6 coffees & teas, $5.50-6.50 cocktails

10) Diners
They're the neighborhood dives where everyone knows your name. Probably because you've re-introduced yourself during every single black-out visit. But that doesn't stop them from serving you the classics! Liver & onions, meatloaf, breakfast all day. Who doesn't love an Alice-esque waitress calling you "Honey?" Play the jukebox, smoke inside (here's lookin' at you, Kentucky!), and dig in. Relax, it's like home.

a) Anchor Grill
Location: Covington, Ky - 438 Pike Street
Late-night hours: Daily: 24 hours
Must Try: The goetta and cheese omelette may be the best seller, but the Teacher's Special is where it's at. A chopped-steak sandwich, with grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato. Booyah. Wash it down with a Bud or Bud Light until 1 a.m.
Price: Meals average $10 with a drink.

b) Pepper Pod
Location: Newport, Ky - 703 Monmouth Street
Late-night hours: Daily: 24 hours
Must Try: Pepper Pod has its own version of a Frisch's Big Boy. And their fried pickles are delish, buzz or no buzz.
Price: $3.50-$7.50

11) Molly Malone's Irish Pub & Restaurant
Location: Covington, Ky - 112 East 4th Street
Late-night hours: Thurs-Sun: until 1:30 a.m.
This wood-clad bar does pub food (stone-oven, thin crust pizzas, wings, fried pickles, pretzels with beer cheese, even hummus) for the late-night health nuts among us.
Must Try: Irish egg rolls. Mix one part Irish, one part Asian, and one part drunken American. Enjoy! They're stuffed with corned beef, carrots, and cheese, then fried to order and served with chipotle mayonnaise. They're America's second best Irish rip-off (after the car bomb shot, of course). And significantly less offensive.
Price: $7-17

12) Busken Bakery
Location: Hyde Park - 2675 Madison Road
Late-night hours: Daily: 24 hours
Notes: Everyone yearns for dessert after the bar. Some of us just have to pay for it. That's what Busken Bakery is for. Take home a glazed chocolate donut at any time of night. Maybe even a cinnamon twist. Get wild, try two cherry cheese danishes at once! A cheese pocket for him, a Maple Long John for her. Or vice versa Donuts are inclusive.
Must Try: The double butter coffee cake (available Tues & Fri). It's double the moisture. And yes, double the calories. But, y'know what, who cares? It's 2 a.m. and that guy you went on a date with 6 months ago didn't return your drunken text to "hang out." Double butta all night!
Price: $.99-1.25 donuts, $6.50 coffee cakes

13) Cloud 9 Sushi
Location: Mount Lookout - 1018 Delta Avenue
Late-night hours: Fri & Sat: until 4 a.m.
Notes: The sudden demise of Hyde Park's Dancing Wasabi has left the city in mourning for a perpetual half-price sushi purveyor. Fear not, Queen City. Cloud 9 Sushi is alive.
Must Try: I can feel Dancing Wasabi's American Dream Roll roll over in its grave with each bite of Cloud 9's American (tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, crab stick, and eel sauce). It's like I ate a ghost.
Price: $4-20 rolls, eternally half-off / $2.50-9 soups and salads, $5-9 appetizers, $12-20 entrees

14) Cincinnati Chili
Keep your beans, Texas. Throw away that extra beef, Michigan. For a meal fit for a Queen City, just add cocoa and pour over noodles. Plus, these chili-sellers offer burgers, double-deckers, even all-day breakfasts in a diner setting. Goetta and chili in one late-night location? That's Cincy for ya.

a) Camp Washington Chili
Location: Camp Washington - 3005 Colerain Avenue
Late-night hours: Mon-Sat: 24 hours
Must Try: Camp Washington cooks its chili and even grinds its own meat every day in-house. And it use all natural ingredients, too. Makes you feel a little less guilty about having those cheese coneys after midnight. A little less.
Price: $5-9 with a drink

b) Chili Time
Location: St. Bernard - 4727 Vine Street
Late-night hours: Daily, until 4 a.m.
Must Try: Half-past chili time? That's known as "Big Time." That's a half-pound of beef, drenched in sautéed onions and a special seasoning, and topped with lettuce, pickle, tomato, raw onions, and cheese. After that? That's "bedtime."
Price: $7-9

c) Price Hill Chili
Location: Price Hill - 4920 Glenway Avenue
Late-night hours: Fri & Sat: until 1 a.m.
Must Try: In the a.m. hours Swap noodles for an omelette. Stuff with melted cheese and top with chili. You're miles past a five-way.
Price: $5-10