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Tacos (seared fish, Brussels sprout, braised beef) -- Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined

This MainStrasse Newcomer Is Holding It Down

"Naaaiiilled it!"
- The Frida 602 crew,
circa the end of every night

Okay, so that's not a direct quote. Obviously. (...Though it would make for an adorable tradition. Right?)Nevertheless, the sentiment holds true: Frida 602 is rockin'. And folks are definitely pickin' up what this spicy newcomer is puttin' down.Whether they're diving into a packed plate of tacos, soaking up the swanky-meets-rustic-meets-funky atmosphere, or wading into their maiden journey on the good ship mezcal, the area's epicurious (and just plain curious) are diggin' the Frida experience.Launched by the folks behind beloved MainStrasse anchor Otto's, this rebellious Mexican restaurant is bringing a colorful pop of flavor to the Covington table. Take a spin through the photo gallery above, head over for a bite, and join the "Naaaiiiled it!" chorus.- - -Frida 602 is located at 602 Main St. (41011) in Covington, Kentucky's MainStrasse Village. Want to learn more? Swing by the restaurant's FB page.