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The Wyoming Pastry Shop has been serving up treats to the northern Cincinnati suburb since 1934. Today, it's owned and operated by Kim and Phil Reschke, the latter of whom is a Master Baker. Everything's amazing, but the smiley face cookies are a local favorite. ADDRESS: 505 Wyoming Avenue (45215) / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 1.10.18

Talk About A Community Staple, The Wyoming Pastry Shop Is In A Class Of Its Own

Even with its gorgeous homes, great schools, charming business district, and outstanding neighbors, Wyoming wouldn’t be Wyoming without the Wyoming Pastry Shop. It’s an indelible fixture in this community; its green awning and warm yellow lights are a constant reminder of the delicious cookies, donuts, cakes, and breads so many grew up eating.

Yes, in case the slobbering introduction didn’t give it away, I hail from the community we sometimes refer to as “the Wyo” (because we’re dweebs, not clever). So I draw from experience rather than creative license when I say, for example, that the Pastry Shop's caramel-pecan danish is legendary, or that its smiley face cookies trounce all others, or that its rainbow cake is so addictive you might eat the whole thing in one sitting.

All of which is to say, yeah, I like the place. But there’s reason more than that to come here.

Let’s start with its historic roots. Though it’s changed owners several times, the bakery has been serving the Village of Wyoming since 1934. Now it’s run by husband-and-wife team (and nicest-people-you’ll-ever-meet) Phil and Kim Reschke.

Phil takes care of the baking, and he’s very good at it. That’s no surprise considering he’s a second-generation Master Baker, meaning he knows how to make everything from pie crusts to rye bread to danish extraordinarily well. Meanwhile, Kim is a cake decorator of 30 years. She honed her craft in Cincinnati and Las Vegas, and the results are mighty impressive—sometimes whimsical and creative, others refined and austere. Just look at the photos on their Facebook page if you want proof.

There isn’t much Phil and Kim won’t do for you. As an example, they used to make these incredible frozen pizza crusts you could take home and turn into a pizza concoction all your own. Alas, no more. But if you give ‘em a call, they’ll whip up a few for you to come and pick up.

That’s what Phil and Kim do. They’re eminently accommodating, like really good neighbors that happen to make phenomenal baked goods.

I’d like to say that’s a reflection of the community in which the Pastry Shop resides. But the truth is probably the other way around—the Pastry Shop infuses Wyoming with a sense of community that would surely not be as strong without it.

And that, in so many words, is why it's awesome.

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The Wyoming Pastry Shop is located at 505 Wyoming Ave. (45215).