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The Video Archive is a movie rental store with a Quentin Tarantino-themed bar that's obscured by a hidden door. It's located at 965 E McMillan, Cincinnati, OH 45206. / Image: Brevin Couch / Published: 12.10.16

The Video Archive Is A Bar With A Secret Door & We're Freakin' Obsessed

There's something totally awesome going on behind-the-scenes at Walnut Hill's Video Archive...

You know the saying that a geek is just someone who is really excited about something? The Video Archive in Walnut Hills is not only a place that's totally geeky about movies, but it's a place where you can feel totally free to geek out... and, truth be told, there's a lot to get excited about.


For starters, the fact that it's a "video rental store" (remember Blockbuster?) featuring cult classics is pretty neat. But it's kind of impossible to stifle the pure geek-fueled excited you'll feel when you discover the secret door that leads to the hidden bar in the back.

Once inside, there's plenty to nerd out about, from the subtle Tarantino references to the deliciously crafted cocktails to the attention to detail in the decor. If you've been to owner Jacob Trevino's other bar, the rustic Overlook Lodge, which takes its name and inspiration from Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining, all of that should feel kind of familiar.

However, the Video Archive is a bit different. It's darker, sexier, and more intimate. Like Overlook, which is in Pleasant Ridge, the Video Archive is also in a neighborhood that's seeing a resurgence of new business and development: Walnut Hills.


After you're done admiring the picture-perfect interior and you've watched a bit of the Tarantino clips, spaghetti Westerns, and retro kung-fu movies playing above the bar (and possibly enjoyed a box of classic movie candy) you can head outside to the spacious patio, which comes complete with a fire pit and window to Just Q'in, the BBQ joint next door that'll gladly serve up some smoked meats to enjoy with a bourbon-spiked Five Dollar Milkshake.

Speaking of the Five Dollar Milkshake, all of their cocktails are just as meticulously thought-out as the decor. "Shoshanna's Revenge", a reference to Inglorious Basterds is sweet with raspberry and champagne, but also complex with thyme-infused vodka and a hit of bitters. Even the shots are well-mixed; Reservoir Dogs fans will want to go for the "Mr. Pink," with Jameson and watermelon-lemon soda.

After a few drinks here, you'll probably be inspired to head home and pass out while watching Pulp Fiction on Netflix... sounds like a pretty rad way to spend an evening, right?

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The Video Archive is located at 965 E. McMillan Street (45206) in Walnut Hills.