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The Skeleton Root, the new urban winery and event space in OTR, seeks to link the city's urban core with its mid-1800s Longworth-era wine heritage . It is located at 38 West McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine 45202. / Image courtesy of The Skeleton Root

Skeleton Root Gives Cincy's Wine Heritage A Reboot In Over-the-Rhine

Kate MacDonald is an engineer by trade. But she's turned her full-time career into winemaking when she opened The Skeleton Root, a new winery and event space in Over-the-Rhine.

The inspiration dates back to the mid-1800s and Cincinnati’s very own Nicholas Longworth.

Mt. Adams was still an undeveloped area, and the urban core had yet to boom. Longworth, seeing a business opportunity, planted Catawba grapes on the hill and subsequently became the largest producer of wine in the United States at the time.

Fast forward to today, and Skeleton Root is paying tribute to the city’s heritage by bringing back the Longworth winemaking legacy, which was eventually dwarfed by other industries (e.g. pork and beer).


So what’s special about this place’s wine?
All of the wine is made on-site in Over-the-Rhine with minimal intervention. Basically, the grapes are left alone during the winemaking process. The result is a special, grape-centric wine with a delicious taste.

What vintage are we talking here?
They are serving their 2014 to the masses upon opening.

You said it’s an event space, too?
Yep. The Skeleton Root can be rented out for private events and parties. It also includes an amazing exposed brick barn door space.

Where can I find it?
38 W. McMicken Avenue

Why am I not there right now?
That’s a question you should be asking yourself. We can’t help you on that one.


The Skeleton Root is located at 38 W. McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine 45202.