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The French Rendezvous is located at 6124 Madison Rd. (45227) in Madisonville. / IMAGE: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 10.14.16

The Best Croissants In The City Can Be Found At This Adorable Madisonville Store

To say I'm obsessed with the croissants here would be putting it mildly. But "obsessed" is the best word I can conjure.

Here's a more visual image for you. Twelve croissants from The French Rendezvous walked into a home (yes, my home). Fifteen minutes later, none walked out.

I'm not sure if the butter from France is better or just having an actual Parisian bake 'em is the key. Honestly, I'm not gonna get too strung up on it. 'Cause what I am gonna do is call up Sylvain & Ann (the charming couple who owns The French Rendezvous) and make sure the next time I stop by, they have more than four croissants left sitting in the window. 'Cause when there are only four left -- and you were hoping to take home a baker's dozen -- the smallest violin magically appears out of the thin blue sky and starts playing you the saddest song.

It's not a pretty sight. Tears are streaming. Kids are crying. And nine other croissants are not making their way into your belly.

Okay, you get it. The croissants are amazing. But that's not the only reason to visit The French Rendezvous. I mean... it might be my main reason, but it's not the only one.

Other reasons to visit the Madisonville store (which has been around for sixteen years, though only five in its current location) appear in the gallery. And to quickly summarize what those might be, here you go:

  • French fabrics
  • French tablecloths
  • French teacups
  • French perfumes
  • French creams
  • French etc.

You're starting to see a trend here, right? Good. Then, I don't need to do anymore explaining. I don't have time anyway. I need to get back to ordering, eating, and hoarding croissants.

- - -

The French Rendezvous is located at 6124 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45277.

PS: They also make an amazing multigrain bread that you buy frozen. It just needs to be reheated. It's... what's that saying? Oh yeah --> To. Die. For.