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The Drinkery is located at 1150 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined / Published: 11.6.16

The Drinkery: The OTR Bar That Doesn’t Need A Theme To Get You In The Door

Over-the-Rhine has no shortage of restaurants and bars. If you’ve been there lately, you know what I mean.

And a lot of those places have diversified themselves by deploying themes to pull customers in. Bakersfield with its Tex-Mex feel, Pontiac with its rustic aesthetic, the Eagle with its postal service look, Goodfellas & Wiseguys Lounge with its whole NYC-pizza-Martin Scorsese-1920s-whiskey thing, and more.

And the bars are the same way. Sundry & Vice has an old fashioned apothecary theme, Low Spark has that 1970s vibe, and do I even need to mention 16-Bit? The list just goes on and on.

And that’s a good thing. Diversity keeps it fun and interesting. The bars and restaurants in OTR are like Halloween 365 days of the year: they dress up and play their part so customers get an enjoyable meal with a few drinks and return again when they’re in the mood for that same theme.

But what if you don’t want any of that stuff? Like, what if you live in the neighborhood and are tired of cute, boot-based PBR and sitting next to a picture of a frowny Marlon Brando while eating a slice of pizza?

It’s simple: just go to the Drinkery.

It’s the unpretentious bar that isn’t trying to be anything but a great neighborhood watering hole. By not having a specific, tailored aesthetic to appease the masses, it can better focus on serving up great drinks and entertainment; you know, the stuff you actually want.

No frills.
No gimmicks.
No quirks to caulk the cracks.
Just straight up booze and amusement.

I mean, sure, The Drinkery has both craft and non-craft beer, live music, stand-up comedy, drunken spelling bees, talented DJs, and free nachos (I repeat: FREE NACHOS) during Bengals games, but that doesn’t mean it’s fancy.

And sure, it has a shiny new copper-top bar, a dance floor accompanied by a large stage surrounded by windows, and a full outdoor patio that few realize is even there, but that doesn’t mean it’s posh.

It has all the benefits of the healthy bar you want without the added sugar.

It’s not there to paint itself silver and pose for your selfies (sorry, human statues reading this), or to put on shades and pony-dance to Gangnam Style in the middle of the mall (sorry, people who thought I was capable of a pop-culture reference post-2012).

It’s just there to be a solid bar for everyone in the neighborhood. Main Street has a lot of great places to drink on it, and the Drinkery is up there pouring the perfect beer with the best of them.

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When you’re done ordering a gin cocktail with a Twizzler at the arcade, the Drinkery will have your craft brew waiting for you at 1150 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.