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<p>The Dime Cincinnati is a neighborhood bar that features craft beer and cocktails. It succeeds in appealing to the college crowd, the FC Cincinnati crowd, and locals in the neighborhood. ADDRESS: 2611 Vine Street, Clifton / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 11.9.17</p>

The Dime On Short Vine Is A Preeminent Neighborhood Bar

I don’t care what you guys say, trash cans are freaking delicious. Something about the pairing of Red Bull with vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, and Blue Curacao that just seems so right.

They're also a pretty solid giveaway that wherever you're drinking one, there's probably a college nearby. (Inflect “college” with the aloofness of an Asher Roth refrain and you’ll be on my level.)

So it is with The Dime on Short Vine. Since December 2016, it’s provided University of Cincinnati students—21 and up, of course—with trash cans, craft beer, and various other avenues to debauchery.

But The Dime is also a 4EG bar, so you know it’ll have a few somethings extra to set it apart.

Chief among those is the ownership group, which comprises Hollywood actor and Los Angeles nightclub owner Andy Fiscella. Fiscella’s wife is from Cincinnati, and he became interested in opening a bar on Short Vine after shooting a film here with fellow thespian John Travolta. The Dime is the result of his partnership with 4EG.

Then there’s the location. Not in relation to UC’s student body, mind you, but vis-à-vis the marching route of the FC Cincinnati supporters groups. Meaning, if you head to Dime Bar before match days, you’ll be party to a pretty outrageous (and beautiful) thing.

That also means, if you’re an FCC fan looking for a place to watch the parade before matches that isn’t Ladder 19, The Dime is your best bet.

It’s an enjoyable option during the offseason too, because 4EG outfitted The Dime with reclaimed and recycled materials. These give it the sense of being embedded, rather than manufactured, into Cincinnati’s bar landscape.

And yes, it matters. College towns across the nation are littered with meretricious dives that look nice except from a yard and closer. But here the feel is more of a neighborhood bar, where you won't be judged for parking it on a stool after work and having a drink.

Just, maybe go for something a little less taxing than a trash can. Sure it tastes good. And it's effective for reminiscing. But let's face it—you're not in college anymore, and neither is your liver.

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The Dime Cincinnati is located at 2611 Vine Street, Clifton.