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The Bakeist is a bakery founded by Hannah Belanger. It specializes in custom cakes (with an emphasis on buttercream wedding cakes) and assorted pastries for all kinds of events. / Photo courtesy of Sally O'donnell Photography 5 // Published: 12.23.16

You’re Gonna Want To Put A Ring On It When You See The Bakeist’s Wedding Cakes

How many of you knew exactly what you wanted to do with your life in high school?

(Insert cricket noise)

That’s what I thought. Most of us were too busy trying to pass history class or get a date to the dance, let alone even fathom thinking about a career path. Career planning was second to pretty much everything else when you’re that age.

However, contrary to most teens in their formative years, Hannah Belanger, founder of The Bakeist, has known since freshman year of high school that she wanted to be a baker. She makes custom cakes and baked goodies for a living, and she’s darn good at it.


Hannah considered taking a more traditional career route, while keeping baking as a hobby, but she realized she could make a living doing it. So why not? She went on to study at the Midwest Culinary Institute before eventually moving to Denver to work as head baker at a prominent bakery there.


But Hannah eventually baked her way back to Cincinnati. When she arrived in the Queen City, she felt she finally had the experience and confidence to pursue the ultimate baked good: wedding cakes.

She fell in love with “making couples feel exuberant” when they tasted one of her wedding cakes. Thus, The Bakeist was formed.


For now, the whole operation is a one-woman endeavor. From consultations and flavors to design and delivery, Hannah is doing it all.

Doing the whole Miss Independent thang allows her the freedom to bake beyond the norm and get extra creative with her work. She’s made everything from a sweet potato cake with a molasses buttercream frosting to a peach vanilla cake with a goat cheese buttercream frosting.

Man... if that doesn’t make your sweet tooth holler, I don’t know what will.

When it comes to cakes, seeing is believing, so pop up to the gallery to get a glimpse of some of The Bakeist’s sweetest treats. And hey, staging a fake wedding so you can order one of her cakes is totally acceptable. No judgment here.

- - -

If you’ve become married to the idea of tasting a Bakeist cake, you need only head to Hannah’s website for more info.