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Teddy’s Toddy Is Here To Convert You To The Cold-Brew Coffee Process

Would it be an exaggeration to say that some of you would die if you didn't have your morning cup of coffee? Maybe yes. Maybe no. I'd survive, though. I don't even drink coffee. But after hearing about a local company (started by a Sycamore High School alum) that's championing the cold-brew coffee game, I'm tempted to change that.

Let's meet Teddy's Toddy...

Jeff Adler, 30

October 2016

Adler always preferred iced or cold-brew coffee to the traditional cup of joe. He preferred it so much, in fact, that he's turned that passion into a side business. And so far, without any marketing (other than Instagram), he's got customers ordering his packets of coffee from around the country. Dang, son!

President Teddy Roosevelt, rumored to be the president who drank the most coffee, is how the name came to be. Since it's a "rumor," who knows how much truth there is to that story. But we'll roll with it.

- Less acidic than traditional coffee (67% less)
- Fewer stomach issues (don't ask me about the science, tho)
- Better for the environment (at least, if you're comparing the cold-brew pouches to the K-cup craze)
- Smoother & deeper taste
- Extra buzz (it's like a shot of espresso)
- Longer shelf life (brew a pouch and it can last up to 10-14 days)

Adler sources his beans from non-profit organizations in Guatemala and Rwanda.

You drop a pouch into water. BAM! That's it.

- - -

For more info about Teddy's Toddy and the cold-brew experience, head to the website.