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Sausages (currywurst; red wine & sage) with Brussels sprouts -- Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined

Street Cred & Sausages: A Visit To Covington's Wunderbar

You know that one scene in pretty much every movie ever made? The one where the guy steps into a bar for the very first time?

The door shuts behind him, the record scratches, and the patrons -- regulars to the bone -- all spin to eye this new interloper. There's an immediate, definite sense of "Who are you and what the hell are you doing in our bar?"
This is not that.

If you've ever stepped just to the side of Covington's beaten path then you probably already know Wunderbar. This place, though deeply -- even staunchly -- independent, is ready to receive you with open arms. Give it a quick hug back and away ya go, wrapped in its low-maintenance whirlwind o' good times.

& If you've never tried Wunderbar, it should definitely be logged on your list. I mean who doesn't want to get wrapped in a low-maintenance whirlwind o' good times?


There are several pillars upon which the bar's well-established rep is founded: live music, a wiiide selection of beer, and a low-key/ free-wheelin'/ decidely Kentucky take on the classic German beer hall.

As far as the menu goes, the "claims to fame" would probably be the housemade sausages and weekend brunches. But ask the regulars what they'd order and the answers just keep comin'. Each person suggests a favorite, but every time something new is mentioned, it's "Oh yeah. That's great, too!" And the list just keeps on growing.

And really... That right there, that interaction between regulars and newbies -- how seasoned insiders respond to the sudden presence of the uninitiated -- is often where a bar's true character reveals itself.

& If that is indeed the measure of a drinking establishment, perhaps the most illuminating piece of info I can offer would be to tell you that when I opened the door...

* There was a dude sitting at the bar, leaning back in his stool and strumming a guitar (while occasionally tossing a comment into his group's conversation).

* The barkeep immediately greeted me with a friendly "W'sup."

* I had a cold drink within a minute, a hot plate of housemade deliciousness soon thereafter, and a warm place in m'wee heart just a few moments after that.

Which is all to say: The record didn't skip. It didn't skip at all.

- - -

If you'd like to learn more, visit the bar's Facebook page or swing by in person. Wunderbar is located in Covington, Kentucky at 1132 Lee St. (41011).