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With a tranquil patio, an artistic interior, a great wine list, and some of the best food you'll find in the city, Somm Wine Bar is the can't-miss stop on your next trip to Price Hill. ADDRESS: 3105 Price Avenue (45205) / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 5.14.18

The Dinner Menu At Somm Wine Bar Is As Impressive As The Wine List

Wind back the calendar to April of 2016. You’re famished in the Incline District of Price Hill. You want a good meal, but unless you’re willing to brave the crowds at Incline Public House or the poshness of Primavista, your options are limited.

Not even a month later, Somm Wine Bar opens on Price Avenue in the same building as BLOC Coffee Company.

BLOC is no longer there; they’ve moved down the street. But since it opened, Somm has been serving up its expansive 100-bottle wine list to diners and imbibers from across the city. It’s also furnished a compelling alternative to Price Hill’s hopping other restaurants, all while contributing to the incipient revitalization of this neighborhood that functions as a gateway to the West Side.

Conjure an image of a wine bar in your head, and you probably won’t arrive at a place as cool as Somm (nor as delicious). The interior is modish and artistic, with Edison bulbs, hung paintings, and one very cool mural adorning the main wall.

The outside is tranquil, verging on Edenesque. A combination of tables and couches line a space that is perhaps three times as long as it is wide. At the far end is a pond installation with a small waterfall, whose subdued patter will work on your troubles until it’s gone the way of the knot in your back.

The wine will have a similar effect. The food will not. That is, it’s not salubrious, it’s just wonderful.

In that ur-Wine Bar you conjured above, the food likely comprised some cheeses, some charcuterie, some Mediterranean concoctions, and the like. And while Somm has all that—in great deliciousness and variety—they also have crab cakes, smoked trout, hoisin pork belly sliders, and escargots in parsley and butter.

Then we come to the entrées: shrimp scampi, filet mignon, coq au vin, pork tenderloin, Scottish salmon, and more. The meats are tender, the veggies are complementary, and the sauces are sublime.

So next time you’re in Price Hill, give Somm a visit. Cards on the table, it’s the best place to eat in the neighborhood.

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Somm Wine Bar is located at 3105 Price Avenue.