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The Echo Restaurant is located at 3510 Edwards Rd. (45208), just off of Hyde Park Square. [Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined]

Sometimes You Just Need A Boozy Brunch (... On A Tuesday)

First off: No judgement.
This is a wall-to-wall, 100% judgement-free zone.

Alrighty. Now that that's been established, let's let the truth fly! I'll start. (Ahem.) ... Sometimes, ya just need a good boozy brunch. Even if it's smack-dab in the middle of the workweek. Probably because it's smack-dab in the middle of the workweek

"REALLY? ... WHY?"

Oh, I dunno. Maybe you're an artist and this is just part of your muse-chasing routine. Maybe you're a graphic designer or some other card-carrying member of the creative class (with the flexible hours to prove it).

Maybe the 9-to-5 has been hellllacious today (and it's not even 11am yet). Maybe you just clocked out of the third shift and, dammit, you deserve a happy hour as much as the next stiff.

Maybe you've got a "business meeting" with a "colleague." (Read: monthly hang-sesh with an old college chum). Maybe Oh heck, maybe just because.

Point is, there are a thousand different reasons to say, "That's it. Hold my calls. It's boozy brunch time." And when you hit that wall, there are a thousand different places to -- Hold up. Wait a sec

There is a shocking lack of places that fit the bill. Curses!


Sure, there are plenty of greasy spoons, corner bars, and midday hotspots that are more than happy to slide you a beverage of the adult persuasion. But that's not the only box to check off here.

This isn't just any ol', "Hey, maybe I'll have a nice light beer with my burger" whim. This isn't a whim at all. This is a need. And this need is specific.

This is booze and brunch. By which, I mean booze. And brunch. We're talkin' Bloody Marys. Mimosas. Irish coffees. French toast. Eggs. Bacon. Perhaps a cinnamon roll.

When that hunger falls upon you (and believe me, it comes for us all), there are precious few places within the whole of Cincy-dom that are fully equipped to rock your plate & palate. So! If you're lookin' for a dead-on bull's eye, beeline it straight for The Echo Restaurant, located right off of Hyde Park Square.


The Boozy.

Sea Breeze. Greyhound. Irish Coffee (with Jameson Irish Whiskey. Respect.) Bloody Mary. Etc.

The Echo is also rolling out an assortment of fresh & fun new concoctions. (My personal fave: the Waffle Shot.) And if you do wanna head in the beer direction, they've got plenty of options. Local labels included.

The Brunchy.
This spot has all the bases covered. You've got your tried-and-trues (everything from make-your-own omelets to pancakes to breakfast burritos).

You've got yer next-level offerings (the entire "Hangover Helper" section is on-the-money). And you've even got a few light-and-lean options tossed in there, too. Y'know, just for good measure.

& Yes, The Echo has more than just breakfast/brunchy goodness. But for the last time: that's not what we're after today. Get on board. Jeez.

(Okay fine If you're really hankering for a salad, sandwich, burger, whatever, just know that all of your cravings shall be fulfilled. See the aforementioned "bases covered" note.)

The Scene.
One mo' time: Bases. Covered.

This joint is "classic American diner" all the way. It's family-ready, sure. But it's nowhere close to stuffy. Head over anytime (they're open 6am to 3pm) and you're just as likely to see a four-top of businessfolks sneaking shots into their java as you are to catch a booth of hospital peeps raising a toast to another hard-won morn.

College kids. Senior citizens. Little tykes. Blue collar. White collar. Butterfly collar. It's all good. And that's the way it should be. Because one day or another, everybody -- and I do mean everybody (including you) -- is gonna wanna get his or her boozy brunch on. Even if it's a Tuesday.

- - -

The Echo is located at 3510 Edwards Rd. in Hyde Park (45208). To find out more, visit the restaurant's webpage, or visit 'em on Facebook.