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Sitwells' Kitchen Gets Creative With Brand New Dishes & More

Sitwells Act II, the popular restaurant and coffeehouse in Clifton at 324 Ludlow Avenue, recently reconfigured their menu to cater to curbside pickup, limited in-restaurant pickup, and delivery. While they haven't removed Sitwells' staple menu items, their primary focus is on making delivery-friendly dishes that keep well in transit so they can be enjoyed outside of the restaurant.

“That way, we can make sure we’re only using the freshest ingredients and preparing dishes that are delivery friendly," says Alex Barden, co-owner of the restaurant along with Flor Garayoa.

Never-before-offered daily specials, which support Sitwells' established theme of healthy Latin and American fusion cuisine, now make up a hearty helping of Sitwell's menu, too. Due to reduced operational hours and limitations on the availability of regular ingredients, the Sitwells kitchen has shifted to higher levels of creativity to keep customers happily fed.

“It’s not easy to find every ingredient. We have more time, so we’re going to have more fun in the kitchen and come up with these special things," Flor says. "But we also have to have in mind, you know, this shortage.”

In addition to the daily specials, Sitwells devised new empanada boxes for carryout. Four styles are currently offered: Carne empanada, elote corn, Spanish-style chicken, and shiitake mushroom and cheese. The empanadas can be made ready to eat, or frozen for a future meal. Each order comes with chimichurri sauce. A box of six is $24, and a box of 12 is $48.

They've also come up with fresh fruit smoothies that weren't previously offered for a healthy, refreshing treat when you're on the go.

Of course, Sitwells still offers coffee and cocktails as usual. Thanks to the temporary ordinance allowing individual alcoholic drink sales, you can get an individual or a full quart of Sweet Afterlife or any of their other specialty drinks to go. Bottled wine can be purchased for a fraction of the price, as well.

Currently, Sitwells is open from 10 AM to 8:30 PM Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday). You can view their full food and drink menus on their website.

Check out the gallery above for photos of a few of Sitwell's latest offerings.