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Simply Rolled is an ice cream parlor in Over-the-Rhine. Servers use a stylish method of preparation that culminates in little rolls of freshly made ice cream served vertically in a cup with various toppings. Customers can choose from one of the menu's templates (such as 'Strawberry Serenity' or 'Get S'more'), or they can create their own. ADDRESS: 32 W. 12th Street (45202) / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 8.6.18

OTR's Simply Rolled Makes Ice Cream Seem Even Better Than It Already Was

When Simply Rolled came into my life, I learned to love ice cream anew. Of course, I didn't realize I could love ice cream any more than I already did. During the summer months (fall, winter, and spring not excluded), it's the most essential food group for a reason.

So when I received my first cup of rolled ice cream, it wasn't your standard aw-yeah-I-have-ice-cream-now brand of joyous occasion. It was elevated.

Simply Rolled didn't have to reinvent the wheel to make ice cream great. Someone else did the heavy lifting on that many years ago. (Thank you, whoever you are.) What they should get credit for, however, is making its creation as enjoyable to watch as ice cream tastes.

Simply Rolled, simply put, makes their ice cream in front of you using a stylish, unique method. No one is dipping into a cardboard box to scoop off bits of a scraggly cube to slap on top a sugar cone. What do you think this is, 2017?

The process begins sooner. They actually take the cream and pour it (in its liquid form) onto an extremely cold metal plate that freezes it almost instantly. The cream is then mixed with fresh ingredients, diced up using two spatulas, and flattened out. The resulting ice cream pancake is then carefully chiseled into tiny little rolls, which end their journey in a purple cup with a color-changing plastic spoon. Additional toppings (and inevitable smiles) follow.

It's a little bit theatre. It's a little bit art. It's every bit delicious on a hot summer day.

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Simply Rolled is located at 32 W 12th Street in Over-the-Rhine (45202).