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The Silverton community welcomed the brewery with open arms, even giving up their former municipal building—which served the as the community’s city offices since 1951—to accommodate the sustainable brewing endeavor. HighGrain Brewing has transformed the front lawn into a small beer garden where police and village officials once passed through to go to work. The new town hall down the road installed a similar geothermal HVAC system to be more environmentally conscious, too. / Image courtesy of HighGrain Brewing Company // Published: 7.16.19

Silverton's New Eco-Friendly Brewpub Is Inside an Old Municipal Building

Normally, the founders of a brewpub brag about their outstanding service, fabulous food, and—of course—array of craft beers. But the founders of Silverton’s HighGrain Brewing Company speak with similar passion about geothermal HVAC systems.

“We are sincerely committed to sustainability,” notes the founder, Josh Jansen. “And one of our first sustainability projects was to install a geothermal heating and cooling system.”

14 wells dug 350-feet deep were placed on the property. Water is pumped through deep wells to reach a depth where the Earth maintains a constant temperature of 55 degrees. The water is circulated back up to a heat exchanger so that the system only has to heat or cool a few degrees to maintain a comfortable temperature in the building, which saves energy.

HighGrain’s energy is 100% wind-powered, all the lights are LEDs, and the ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible. Their Norwegian Table Ale is even carbon-neutral, where the carbon dioxide created in making the beer is offset by planting trees in Peruvian rain forests. The ale’s ingredients include hops from Loveland.

Jansen adds that their sustainable focus actually led them to Silverton, which also has a geothermal HVAC system in their new town hall. He says, “The village was really kind to us and rolled out the red carpet. And with their own focus on sustainability, it proved that this is the community that we wanted to be in because their priorities mirror ours.”

Silverton’s efforts to bring the brewpub to the village are notable. They actually moved their city offices from the Silverton Memorial Municipal building, their town hall since 1951, to make way for HighGrain.

But Jansen and his partners, co-founder Brian Liscano and brewer Matt Utter, are certainly passionate about their beers, too. “We focus on old world styles with a modern twist, like local fruit infusions,” says Utter. “We create easy-drinking beers that are avant-garde, but also accessible.”

Liscano brings a similar passion to the culinary side of HighGrain. “It’s upscale pub food, like pastrami sandwiches and wings, but with a culinary twist to them,” he explains. The pub’s food is matched to pair with the seasonal beer menu and is also made with ingredients purchased locally when possible. There’s also a kid’s menu (all three of the founders are dads) as well as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

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HighGrain Brewing Company is located at 6860 Plainfield Road (45236). They’re open Monday-Thursday 11 AM-11 PM, Friday and Saturday 11 AM-12 AM, and Sunday 11 AM-9 PM.