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For 15 years, Downtowners have enjoyed lunch at Silverglades Deli. But for nearly a century, the Silverglade family has served a unique variety of over 200 cheeses, lunch meats, charcuterie boards, and tradition to the people of Cincinnati. Silverglades has two locations: one on East 8th Street Downtown, and another in Findlay Market. ADDRESS: 118 West Elder Street (45202) / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 9.8.18

Silverglades Deli: Charcuterie, Lavender Gouda, and Ryan Seacrest

A family business spanning three generations, a wide assortment of meats and cheeses, and a better lunch break than what you probably packed are just some of the things you'll discover at Silverglades Deli. Widely referred to as Silverglades, the nearly 100-year-old Cincinnati lunch spot can be found inside Findlay Market.

“We’re the oldest family owned and operated deli in the city. We offer everything from a great delicatessen to a great salad bar, homemade soups, and we even started offering pizzas last year. They’re a big hit!” Craig Silverglade, owner of the shop, says.

15 years ago, with increasing demand for business Downtown, Craig opened a second location at 8th and Sycamore Streets. The most popular item on the menu is their signature walnut and grape chicken salad sandwich. Other than soups and sandwiches, Silverglades also specializes in charcuterie (pronounced shar-koo-derrie if the reading voice in your head is struggling like mine did), which is a collection of cold, cooked meats and various cheeses. The term also comes from the French word for “pork-butcher’s shop”. It's fitting to see a thriving meat vendor in town considering Cincinnati’s thriving pork industry past.

Silverglades is not only a regular stop for local lunch-goers, but for celebrities as well. Television personality and producer Ryan Seacrest has been known to enjoy a stop in there while in town.

If you head up to Over-the-Rhine, you can stop in the Findlay Market location. It originally set up shop in 1922 by Craig’s grandparents, Albert & Grace Silverglade. You will still see vintage countertops and vintage, hand-painted signs at this site. It operates as more of a market, providing an extensive variety of over 200 cheeses, lunch meats, olives, and more. They even sell a signature lavender gouda. You don’t taste that everyday

Before Craig became the reigning meat-king of Silverglades, his dad, Albert Jr. Silverglade, took over the shop. One of his most influential quotes still adorns the walls of each deli, saying simply, “A meal without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze."

For nearly 100 years, the delicacies at Silverglades remain in high demand. Even the pickiest of meat palates are sure to find their favorites at the shop. The tradition of bringing delicious meats and cheeses to the mouths of Cincinnatians is something that'll never expire.

So the only thing left to ask yourself is what kind of charcuterie arrangement will you be leaving with?

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Silverglades Deli is located at 236 E 8th Street (45202).