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Queen City Radio is bar and beer garden housed in a former 1920s-era filling station at the corner of Central Parkway and 12th Street in Over-the-Rhine. / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined

Why This 1920s-Era Filling Station Is Suddenly One Of The Best Bars In OTR

What was once a former 1920s-era filling station is now one of the coolest spots in Over-the-Rhine. It only opened last month, but it's already gained quite a following.

Welcome to Queen City Radio.

The gorgeous outdoor patio space probably doesn't hurt. But that's not the only thing going for QCR. The expansive 7,665 square foot bar and beer garden boasts a pretty baller interior as well... think polished concrete floors, upcycled finishes, and beautiful accents of wood and color, along with fun floral installations.

And then there's the boozie slushies. Nothing like taking a childhood favorite and putting an adult spin on it. And by "adult," you do realize we just mean adding alcohol, right? If slushies ain't your thang, that's quite alright. I'm sure a milkshake, burger, and fries will do the trick. 'Cause I mean... who wouldn't love that? Exactly.

Located in the beer garden, the Queen City Whip food truck (whipped up solely for this spot) is a collaborative effort between Elias Liesring (of Eli's BBQ fame) along with Chef Ian Sobek and Chef Dana Adkins.

So yeah, you're beginning to see why everyone is hanging at QCR. It has the perfect mix of new and old, playing on the nostalgia of our past but with the niceties we've come to expect in the present.

Alright, to the pics!


Queen City Radio is located at 222 W. 12th Street (at the intersection of Central Parkway and 12th near Washington Park).