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With a delicious new menu, special holiday-themed Friday events, and an unbeatable event space in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati, Prime Cincinnati is one of the best choices this holiday season. / Address: 580 Walnut Street 45202 / Image: Daniel Smyth

Why Prime Cincinnati Is The Perfect Dining Spot This Holiday Season

Look, I’d love to let the gallery do the talking, but we’ve got some points to make. So gimme a minute of your time and then you can get to the reason you’re really here – the photos. Good deal? Cool.

Ok, so, holiday dining. Has to be a special experience, right?

Doesn’t matter whom you’re trying to impress — co-workers, in-laws, maybe even that Tinder date you really want to see again. Gotta get the restaurant right.

Long story short, Prime Cincinnati is a great option. There might be comparably delicious menus in the city, but when we get down to items like the Chilean Sea Bass, it becomes clear there aren’t better menus in the city.

With that said, go to Prime Cincinnati on Fridays in December from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. with your family and you can treat the kids to a meet-and-greet with Santa himself. (Yes, you read that right. All of it. And while I’ve got you here inside these parentheses, let me say I’ve met the guy and he’s probably the nicest Santa in the world. Like, Richard Attenborough nice.)

Part deux of this is the whole private event thing. Prime can accommodate up to 200 people.

Rehearsal dinner? Yep. (Not to proffer my impending nuptials for commercial benefit, but that’s where mine’s gonna be, and I couldn’t be more excited. Elise Lemen is the easiest person to work with, and she couldn’t be nicer.)

Corporate events? For sure. Centrally located, great food, attentive staff, decorative wainscoting... I ask you, what says “professional event” more than a decorative wainscoting. Nothing, that’s what.

Alright, finished! Now, per the terms of our deal above, you’re free to sink your teeth into that gallery. Cheers!

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Prime Cincinnati is located at 580 Walnut Street. Here’s their website. Give them a call at 513.579.0720, and ask for Elise Lemen if you want to hold a private event.