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Grilled Berkshire Pork Loin: brussels sprouts, ramps, and sunflower seeds / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined / Published: 11.28.16

Two Things You Won’t Get Over At Please: The Food & That Bathroom

Brought to you by the creative culinary genius of Ryan Santos, Please is a new restaurant concept in Over-the-Rhine.

About Santos:

He battled Crohn’s disease throughout his teens, which was the impetus to get him in the kitchen and learning how to cook from scratch. A restrictive diet (no dairy, sugar, gluten, or alcohol) merely fueled his desire to create beyond those limitations.

And following stints at restaurants around the country along with Michelin-starred environments in Europe, Santos was determined to set up a permanent home in Cincinnati.

One important detail that I left out: He’d been doing creative pop-up dinners in the Queen City for the past few years. Those dinners helped hone the concept that would become Please at 1405 Clay Street.

About Please:

It’s a small, chef-driven eatery similar to what Santos experienced when working in Copenhagen. The meal is supposed to feel interactive and intimate. Patrons are encouraged to hang out by the kitchen and talk to the cooks, enjoying the process as much as the end result.

The prix-fixe, four-course menu runs $52. This helps keeps the restaurant costs down. Moreover, it allows Santos & his team to purchase higher-quality products, with the goal to highlight seasonal farmers and producers.

A quote from a recent diner: “Everything was creative and a bit unfamiliar, yet it was all comforting and delicious.”

About That Bathroom:

It’s gone viral. ... Yes, viral. See below for a quick sampling of the hashtag #pleasepotty on Instagram.

Santos never saw that coming. Granted, he did want the bathroom to reflect the creative personality of the restaurant — and that’s why he and his girlfriend, Jessie, hand-painted the tiles to reinforce the fun & whimsy of the establishment. But yeah, he didn’t expect the selfies.

- - -

Please is located at 1405 Clay Street in Over-the-Rhine. It's open Thursday thru Sunday from 5:30pm to 10pm. For reservations, call 513-405-8859.

Two important notes:
1. The restaurant will be getting its liquor license soon, which will allow the back bar to open up and the option for some a la carte dining.
2. We’ve got plenty of pics for you to enjoy, so scroll back to the top and peep the gallery.