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Piper's Cafe is a MainStrasse Village gem that you'd be remiss to miss. With locally-sourced grass-fed beef burgers and seemingly endless soft serve ice cream flavors, this restaurant will surely be your new favorite summer eatery. Piper's Cafe is located at 520 W 6th St, Covington, KY 41011. / Image: Phil Armstrong

Piper's Cafe Is The MainStrasse Eatery That's Gonna Make Your Summer Great All Over Again

The tale of the Pied Piper is an odd, dark story from the Middle Ages that began in the German village of Hamelin. It's been warped over time, but the core of the story stays the same: a bunch of 13th century German children mysteriously vanished and the town never forgot it.

Legend has it the Pied Piper, this ominous figure who represents death, was the one who took them.

And guess what? There's a restaurant in Covington devoted to him!

Known simply as Piper's Cafe, the restaurant is anything but scary. In fact, it sits pleasantly under the shade of several old, gigantic maple trees and offers healthy, locally-sourced food for all diets. Patrons order at a quaint little window with a service bell and can sit in two separate indoor areas, on a small second-level deck, or at a variety of outdoor tables in the mini-park that is Hamelin Square. (Note: The outside space is currently undergoing a renovation but should be back up and running soon.)

Charles Killian and Chip Adkins, owners and masterminds behind the business, opened the restaurant in 2012 and have been feeding guests only the healthiest burgers, hot dogs, wraps, and countless other menu items ever since. They avoid preservatives whenever possible, buying only grass-fed beef and use plates that can be composted to cut down on the carbon footprint. And for all of our veggie-lovin' friends, don't worry. They've got you covered with options, too.

Not only can you get breakfast, lunch, and dinner under those lovely maple trees, but Piper's has 65 flavors of soft-serve ice cream.

No, that was not a mistake.
Yes, you heard us right.

There are 65 flavors of soft-serve ice cream.

Mixing up to three different flavors for a combination unique to your palate is unheard of anywhere else. Name one other place you can get blueberry cheesecake or strawberry kiwi soft serve. Heck, go crazy and get egg nog custard cantaloupe if you wanna.

Okay, maybe not that combo... But you get the picture.

And if these HOT n' HUMID summer days keep up, I don't think it'll take any convincing from us to get yourself on over there.


Piper's Cafe is located at 520 W 6th St, Covington, KY 41011.