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A flight of beer ranging from stouts to ales / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 9.8.17

Wooden Cask Brewing Has A Beer For Every Style Of Beer Drinker

Cincinnati, you gotta drinking problem.

Breweries are filling the region faster than post-finale Game of Thrones think pieces are filling our collective Twitter feeds. It seems as though nary a daily calendar page finds its way to the dark of the dust bin without simultaneously getting a Facebook invite to visit a fresh watering hole somewhere in the city.

But must we deride the virility of our beer-making, pint-pouring industries?

Absolutely not. 'Burden' autocorrects to 'blessing' in this situation, much to the chagrin of the Carrie Nations and Temperance zealots still rigorously waving disapproving, stiff fingers (or in Carrie's case, hatchets) toward those of us imbibing the devil's drink.

So let us instead raise a round of pristine pints to our newfound abundance of houses of hops. And where better to do it than one of those fresh-faced breweries like Wooden Cask Brewing?


Randy Schiltz, a Kansas native who ended up on the West Coast, had been home brewing beer in California since 1998. He eventually moved to Cincinnati for work and co-founded Rivertown Brewery in Lockland in 2009. After five years, his partner bought him out, and Randy and his wife, Karen, began scouting the area for a location for a new brewery. They settled on Newport's former punk rock Mecca, The Jockey Club, on York Street, and spent two years renovating the first floor.

Their taps officially began flowing by mid-November 2016.

Though deliberately crafted and curated, Wooden Cask doesn't necessarily appear to cater to any one type of beer drinker. Perhaps unconsciously taking a minor cue from its punk rock predecessor, Wooden Cask freely appeals to whomever due to its seemingly unbounded range.

The taproom sports 12 taps with a variety of English ales, Irish reds, Scottish stouts, bitter IPAs, malty porters, and sometimes ciders. You can bring both your Cicerone friend who only drinks obscure local microbrews and your weird uncle with the Tap the Rockies tattoo on his butt to Wooden Cask. Together, they'll find something enjoyable to drink in its massive taproom furnished with booths, tables, standing counters, and couches. Barring a fleet of encumbered Pedal Wagons and half the Bailey freshly sizzling from an FCC win, there's room for you and yours at this brewery.

Plus, in typical new bar/brewery fashion, there's usually a food truck parked outside. Cincinnati, you gotta eating problem, too.

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Wooden Cask Brewing is located at 629 York St (41071).