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West Side Brewing's nine taps showcase its pale ale, amber ale, common ale, Scottish ale, stout, session IPA, double IPA, hefeweizen, and extra-special bitter. You can enjoy them while playing Jenga, tossing corn hole, watching sports, or having a great time with friends. / ADDRESS: 3044 Harrison Ave (45211) / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 9.20.17

The West Side Is Striving To Be The Best Side (Of Beer) With Westwood's New Brewery

Beer’s gotten a bit out there, hasn’t it? Not that we’re complaining — put a Key Punch or a Quadrafunk in our hands and we’ll drink it. But in a world of over-hopped suds, one valiant Westwood brewery stands alone.

Ok, fine, that oversells it a bit. Still, the watchword here is “accessible.” As in, “Man, West Side Brewing’s nine beers sure are accessible.”

Of those nine beers, two are IPAs. There are, after all, still people out there who crave the face-scrunching bitterness of craft beer’s flagship brew. But if you’re someone who’s moved on, West Side Brewing has seven other beers ripe for drinking: a pale ale, an amber ale, a common ale, a Scottish ale, a stout, a hefeweizen, and an extra-special bitter.

As for the setting in which you’ll enjoy those accessible beers, it’s spacious and open-format with a lightly industrial aesthetic. A bar at the center divides it into two taprooms, one with Jenga and cornhole, the other with a large window that folds open so patrons can enjoy the pleasant views of Harrison Avenue.

Harrison Avenue, if you didn’t know, cuts right through Westwood, which some have pegged as a “next” neighborhood in Cincinnati. Regardless of the truth of that proposition, Westwood has certainly come alive in the last year, especially after West Side Brewing opened in June. Just a few months was all it took for this self-titled “common man’s” brewery to become a neighborhood favorite.

Here’s hoping they keep it up for a long time. Because West Side Brewing's beers are more than accessible, they're dang good.

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West Side Brewing is located at 3044 Harrison Ave (45211).