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Dave Kassling (Managing Partner) and Logan Hiudt (Director of Business Development and Promotions) / Image: Leah Zipperstein // Published: 10.9.17

At Taft's Brewporium, You'll Come For The Beer And Stay For The Pizza

There’s so much going on in the Queen City these days that it totally flew under our radar when we heard about the opening of Taft’s Brewporium. I’m pretty sure the office meeting went a little something like “What, Taft’s is opening a second location in Northside? Oh, cool. Dibs on the story!”

And then, I proceeded to check out the actual Taft’s Brewporium in Spring Grove Village. Here’s what I learned.

1. It’s nothing like the Ale House in OTR.

While the Ale House (which opened two years ago) lives in a repurposed church in a historic district, the Brewporium is housed in a factory building formerly used by P&G. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually pretty cool. Because the Brewporium gets to be an extension of an already-loved brand, but with a completely different vibe.

2. The Gavel Banger IPA is amazing.

For one, the can art is dope. (Visit the gallery above for a reference point.) And two, the beer is phenomenal. I could try to describe it; but really, you should go there and taste it yourself.

3. New Haven-style pizza is my kinda pizza.

It was also William Howard Taft’s kinda pizza, as it originates from New Haven, Connecticut, which is where Yale University is located and where Billy Boy attended school. The Brewporium is serving up the most authentic version of New Haven-style pizza outside of Frank Pepe’s in New Haven, and Frank Pepe’s first opened in 1925. Think of it as a cross between Neapolitan- and New York-style pizza. Insider tip: Try the White Clam.

4. The Brewporium allows for the Taft’s beer brand to really take off.

The building itself is 50,000 square feet. The current brewing production is about 15,000 barrels per year. But with added equipment, they could easily produce up to 100,000 barrels per year. This means you’ll likely see A LOT more of Taft’s in the coming months and years, from cans in the beer aisle at the grocery store to bars around town to bars around Ohio to bars and stores outside of Ohio.

5. I want to go back.

Like I said, that White Clam pizza...

- - -

Taft’s Brewporium is located at 4381 Spring Grove Ave, Suite 1 (45232).