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Fried Chicken and Waffle: half chicken, sweet potato-bacon-cornbread waffle, pecan butter, and maple-bourbon syrup / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 8.30.17

Purple Poulet Will Have You Hankering For A Fried Chicken & Waffle

If you’re looking for something different to test out the palate, we’ve got the perfect place. Note: It’ll help if you like southern-style cooking.

The restaurant in question? Purple Poulet in Dayton, Ky. Think of Dayton as just across the river from East Walnut Hills.

Richard Zumwalde opened the restaurant with his wife, Roxanne, in March of 2016. Now imagine if the food from Charleston had a baby with the cuisine from New Orleans. And then, it had a hot, steamy affair with Kentucky. That’s what you can expect from Purple Poulet. We’re talking fried chicken, swamp critters (e.g. frog legs, crawfish, etc.), and catfish to name just a few of the menu items.

The decor is — as you might’ve guessed — quite purple-y. They’re also sportin’ an impressive collection of roosters. Reminds me a bit of my childhood friend’s mom’s kitchen, which totally works for a restaurant called Purple Poulet.

And speaking of pollo, don’t be surprised if you end up selecting the fried chicken & waffle as your entree. Kinda hard to pass that up. Remember that hot, steamy affair with Kentucky? Pair the chicken & waffle with bourbon and you'll understand.

Whether you come for the fried chicken and stay for the bourbon, or come for the bourbon and stay for the fried chicken, the point is you should come.

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Purple Poulet is located at 603 6th Ave. Dayton, Ky. 41074.