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Poutine: cajun fries, short rib lager gravy, Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 11.4.17

Parkers Tavern Has Been Around Since 1981, And It's Still Going Strong

We all have that friend, a longtime pal who we maybe see once but every few years. And yet, even though we’ve gone from teenagers to young professionals to fully-fledged adults, it’s like no time has passed at all. The friendship feels as fresh and vibrant as the last time we caught up over Rhinegeist Truths and an order of poutine. That’s a lot like Parkers Tavern in Blue Ash.

The restaurant, which sits in a prime location off of Cooper Road near the Reed Hartman Highway, has been around since 1981. Although, it first came into being as James Tavern. Parkers didn’t see the light until 2000 when the restaurant underwent a renovation.

For those who haven’t dined there before, no doubt the gallery above will be inspiration for an upcoming visit. But the best thing about Parkers, aside from the wonderful array of menu options (have you seen that braised beef short rib?) is its feeling of home.

In this case, the “home” is that of a familiar friendship, a place that’s warm and inviting, a place you could easily frequent on the reg, though it’s totally fine if you don’t. Either way, Parkers knows you. Parkers has a seat waiting for you. (There are actually 250 seats, not including the bar top, to be precise.) And Parkers — with its racing horse-themed decor, 17 beers on tap, and live music on weekends — is just waiting for you to return for a visit.

Oh, and did we mention they do Sunday brunch? So yeah, that catch-up session with your friend, the one you haven’t seen in three years I’m pretty sure you’ve got the location locked down. Just reach out to him/her to land on a date.

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Parkers Tavern is located at 4200 Cooper Road (45242) in Blue Ash.