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Molly Wellmann, co-owner of Melt Cafe and the face of Wellmann’s Brands which also operates Japp’s, Bottle & Basket, OKBB, and Myrtle’s Punch House / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 8.6.17

The New Melt Is Bigger & Better, And It’s Also Serving Molly Wellmann’s Craft Cocktails

You aren’t really sure where it comes from, but somewhere — maybe out of nowhere — the image of Melt’s avocado bliss sandwich pops into your head. Within seconds, it’s more than an image… it’s a full-on craving. And once that desire reaches your belly, well, there’s nothing stopping you from satiating the four-headed hunger beast than heading to Northside and ordering up that avocado bliss sammie.

Don’t worry, it’s happens to the best of us.

Melt Cafe opened on July 10 on the street level of the Gantry building. But this was actually its second opening. The restaurant first came into being back in 2005, at the hands of Chef Lisa Kagen. She wanted to create a cafe/deli with lots of exciting vegan and vegetarian options. And that’s exactly what she did.

After 10 years of success on Hamilton Ave., the restaurant gained the attention of Molly Wellmann & her crew. Cincinnati’s cocktail queen had the drinks down, but she needed a collaborator in the kitchen. In comes Kagen, who is now the Executive Chef for Wellmann’s Brands. This includes overseeing the menus at Myrtle’s Punch House in Walnut Hills, along with both of Bottle & Baskets locations (Republic Street in OTR and the Contemporary Arts Center downtown).

But back to Melt… Melt is still the eclectic cafe you remember from before, with its funky decor, warm, stained woods, and bright colors. But now it’s bigger and better — and serving delicious craft cocktails. To see what you’ve been missing — or craving — scroll back to the top and view the gallery.

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Melt Cafe is located at 4100 Hamilton Ave. (45223).

It’s open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 10pm. Soon (though an official date is yet to be set), they will bring back the Sunday brunch.

Note: In Melt's former location you can find Bridges, a Nepali restaurant.