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The Hi-Mark bar is a new neighborhood bar located in the East End. For years, the building was a two-family home, but that was before it was converted into this bar space, which officially opened on August 14, 2017. ADDRESS: 3229 Riverside Drive (45226) / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 9.18.17

The East End's Hi-Mark Bar Is Named In Honor Of The Great Flood Of 1937

Do you remember the Great Flood of 1937? For most of you reading this, that’s probably not a memory in your memory bank. I mean, maybe you recall hearing about it and seeing photos, but you didn’t live it. On January 26, 1937, the river crested at 79 feet and 9 inches. That was called the high mark. And that’s how a new bar in the East End got its name.

From the owners of Eli’s BBQ, Pho Lang Thang, and Quan Hapa comes Hi-Mark. It’s a neighborhood bar in every sense of the word. Located inside of a former two-family home, the 1860s-era structure had to be gutted for the buildout which began in late 2014.

They’ve done their best to maintain as much of the inside as they could. You can still see original floor joists and fireplaces on the walls. You can even see marks throughout, identifying the flood’s “high mark.”

The flood history, while very cool, isn’t the only thing of note about this bar. The games — whether it be board games, darts, shuffleboard, late-night trivia (coming soon) — are also a key part of the special sauce that makes Hi-Mark a welcome addition to the neighborhood and to the bar scene, overall.

Forget about craft cocktails and fancy tapas. This is a place that’ll make you feel at home. A beer and a chicken sandwich. Now that’s what’ I’m talking about.

“We wanted to create a place that felt lived-in and comfortable from the very beginning, a place that when people walked in for the first time, they might wonder if it had always been there and they just happened to miss it until now,” explained Mike Dew, Partner/Creative Director at Lang Thang Group.

Goal achieved.

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Hi-Mark Bar is located at 3229 Riverside Drive in the East End.