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Seared Atlantic salmon with mushrooms, caramelized onion, creamed brussels sprouts, lentils, and beurre rouge / ADDRESS: 100 Berkeley Drive (45013)  / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 11.15.17

The Coach House In Hamilton Features A Delicious Menu From A Dynamite Chef

Doesn’t it seem like the best restaurants are always hidden away in retirement communities?

No? Well consider the Coach House Tavern and Grille an anomaly then. You’ll have to drive through Berkeley Square to get there, but it’s absolutely worth it.

That’s thanks to executive chef Jared Whalen. If Whalen’s name sounds familiar to you, it should. He started his career at The Maisonette and spent a decade under Jean-Robert de Cavel at Pigall’s, Pho Paris, and Table.

Then Whalen, a Hamilton native, came to the Coach House. Why? Because he wanted Butler County to have a premier, big-city dining option. And his fare more than delivers.

The restaurant’s long-time favorites are here, including French onion soup and spiced meatloaf. But Whalen has also brought a level of sophistication to the menu, one that’s immediately evident in starters like baked brie en croĆ»te and frog legs.

The mains don’t disappoint either. The pan-seared Atlantic salmon with lentils and beurre rouge is a Hamilton favorite. Meanwhile, the pork chop with farro risotto and sage sauce showcases depth of flavor, and the filet mignon is as good as any slice-o’-boeuf in Downtown Cincinnati.

Speaking of sophistication, how about a special of pan-seared sweet breads with corn, leeks, bacon, yuca potato, cauliflower, and demi-glace? Now that’s just a chef having fun.

Whalen certainly seems to be having fun. And why not? He’s doing what he loves in the place closest to home. It doesn’t get much better than that.

It doesn’t get much better than the Coach House either. It's fine dining Hamilton-style, and it's simply great.

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The Coach House Tavern and Grille is located at 100 Berkeley Drive, Hamilton.