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Hot wings with blue cheese dressing and celery / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 1.5.18<p></p>

We Found The Best Wings In Cincinnati At O'Bryon's Bar And Grill

To heck with the platitudes. If you’re going to O’Bryon’s, you’re going for the wings. They’re large, tender, and ultra crispy when finished under the grill.

But, as with all wings, the proof is in the sauces. And the sauces at O’Bryon’s are incomparably good. Special shout out to the habanero ranch and spicy garlic, though not one of the Irish pub’s 13 sauces is lacking in flavor. They’re a large part of what make these wings the best wings in Cincinnati!!! (Sent with echo effect)

Now to resume with the platitudes


O’Bryonville might not be your neighborhood (in fact, it’s not anyone’s neighborhood, because O’Bryonville is actually Evanston). But O’Bryon’s could very easily be your neighborhood bar. Ya know, that place you end up when you can’t decide where to go, because it’s solid and agreeable and gersh dernit people like it.

That’s a measure of the comfort at O’Bryon’s, as well as the friendliness of the staff. But it also speaks to what the bar does well—everything. That is to say, the food is good-to-great bar food, the portions are large, the drinks don’t cost a fortune, and there’s always sports on the many, many televisions.

Speaking of sports and television, O’Bryon’s is the place to go in Cincinnati to watch Ohio State games. It's where O$U's alumni club hosts its official game watch parties, complete with a rented-out room and large amounts of bilious indignation.

It’s also a good place to watch Notre Dame, Xavier, and even the mighty Orange of Syracuse, sadistic zone defense and all.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the pastime for which O’Bryon’s is famous, the Shark Toss. The Shark Toss is when you order a Shark Tank (vodka+other stuff), drink it, go up to the rooftop patio, and throw your lil' plastic shark fella onto the neighboring roof. It’s well, just one of those things.

O’Bryon’s isn't just for greasers, though. It’s situated between Hyde Park and Walnut Hills, so you get a diverse crowd whenever you walk in. And while you might not think that matters, it really adds to the overall allure of this standout neighborhood bar.

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O'Bryon's Bar and Grill is located at 1998 Madison Road, O'Bryonville Evanston.