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Thai Burrito: seared organic tofu or roasted chicken with peanut sauce, crunchy slaw and brown rice + side salad & Thai dipping sauce / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined

Visual Proof That Northstar Cafe Is A Dining Destination Worthy Of Your Attention

Fine-casual dining is the latest trend in the restaurant scene. "Huh, what's that?" you ask. Good question.


  • Fine: Top of the proverbial ladder. There’s a white linen table cloth and a dude assigned to remove bread crumbs from your table.
  • Casual: Not as fancy, but still respectable. You feel comfortable wearing shorts at the restaurant, but they're probably salmon-colored shorts.
  • Fine-casual: Not as expedited as fast-casual (see below), but not as committed as casual. You stand in line, take a number, pick a table, and wait for food to arrive (and, thankfully, once the food arrives, you realize how much better it is than Panera).
  • Fast-casual: The accelerated version of casual. You choose ingredients as an assembly line puts your meal together (i.e. Chipotle-style).
  • Fast-food: “Hello, welcome to Good Burger.”


So, about this fine-casual dining trend... It's pretty freakin' great.

It kills two very important (yet lovable) birds with one stone: 1) there's no pomp and circumstance, so you can show up dressed however you like, and 2) the food quality remains top-notch. (Now that's what I'm talkin' about!)

We discovered this recently at Northstar Cafe at Liberty Center. The first ever Northstar Cafe opened in 2004 in Columbus, and since then, they've added three additional eateries, with the most recent one coming to Cincy.

To get a peek at the menu offerings, hop into the photo gallery above.

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Northstar Cafe is located at 7610 Sloan Way, Liberty Township, Ohio 45069. Visit their website for more information.