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From a new menu to staff name tags, Northside Yacht Club is hanging up its sailor hat this weekend. In exchange (as the best Halloween prank ever), they’re becoming Applebee’s Northside Grill and Bar. / Image courtesy of Northside Yacht Club // Published: 10.27.17

Northside Yacht Club Is Transforming Into Applebee's This Weekend

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Instead of the hipster-y, sailor-themed bar you've become accustomed to at the corner of Spring Grove Ave. and Dane Ave., Northside Yacht Club is donning its own costume this Halloween weekend, that of an Applebee's. Stuart McKenzie, NSYC's owner, isn't just grabbing some hand-me-down Pirate outfit from the basement bin in his mom's house. He's going all out on this one. I don't care want anyone dresses up like this year for Halloween, because I'm pretty confident nothing will beat what Northside Yacht Club is doing.

... mounting an Applebee's flag
... making Applebee's staff name tags
... redoing the menu so it's an Applebee's menu (which means they've added mozzarella sticks — rejoice!)
... redirecting their website to an Applebee's-themed site:

And in case you're one of those who needs to "see it to believe it," we've got the pics. Just hop into the photo gallery for proof.

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Northside Yacht Club is located at 4231 Spring Grove Ave.

Note: The Applebee's takeover is only set to take place October 27-28, 2017.