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Moscow Mule / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 1.2.17

The Best Decision You Can Make In 2017 Is A Trip To The Littlefield

Two years ago, I spent my birthday in Northside at The Littlefield. ... Not because it’s my favorite neighborhood. (I don’t pick favorites.) And not because it’s my most-frequented bar. (‘Cause it’s not that either.) But I do like it. ... A lot, in fact. It probably helps that I’m a sucker for a quality bourbon selection and a top-notch food menu. Yes, that does, indeed, help matters.

But the real reason I spent my birthday in Northside is simple. It's because I don’t frequent that part of town nearly enough. While I love Northside's eclectic, we-do-what-we-want, artsy vibe, it’s not within walking distance of my home. It’s a drive. It’s a decision that requires a slight bit of planning.

And so, when you are ready to make a decision about the next bar/restaurant you should try, think of The Littlefield. The menu is a mix of light bites (a la spiced nuts, flatbreads, and pigs in a blanket) to heartier options (a la meatloaf sandwich, chicken pot pie, and a braised pork shoulder). The culinary team is led Shoshannah Hafner, who previously ran Honey.

Now, when it comes to the drinks... oh, the drinks. You had me at bourbon bar. You kept me at... well, bourbon bar. Need we say more? There is more (ya know, like craft cocktails, local beers, wine, etc.) But bourbon. That bourbon, yo...

- - -

The Littlefield is located at 3934 Spring Grove Ave. 45223.

Ps: They just started lunch service this week.