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Scollop with asparagus in a bouillabaisse / Image courtesy of Nick and Tom's // Published: 7.11.18

Bridgetown’s Finest Restaurant Is Charming, Unpretentious, And Delectable

When you have a special occasion in Bridgetown, you celebrate at Nick and Tom’s.

The restaurant resides on Bridgetown Road, along a West Side streetscape that puts me in a nostalgic mood. It includes a drive-thru bank, a bowling alley, a car wash, two car repair shops, two First Baptist Churches, and the local triumvirate of LaRosa's, Skyline, and UDF. (Strange fodder for nostalgia, I'll grant you that, though understandable considering I spent much of my childhood in Delhi.)

As for the restaurant itself, it sits two stories tall with maroon, single-window awnings and an unmistakable sign out front. If you didn’t know where you were going beforehand, you do now.

The interior is divided into two areas. The first is a tile-floored bar space with high tops and teal coffering. The second—the dining space—is where those special occasions are celebrated in perfect prosaic fashion. It’s also where you’ll find the restaurant’s cast of regulars, a surprisingly robust group of misters and misses from across the West Side. They’ve been coming here for delicious fare since the restaurant opened in 1988, and you can’t imagine them stopping anytime soon—neither the restaurant nor its regulars.

As to the food, where do we even begin?

There are two menus at Nick and Tom’s, one interlaced among the other. The first menu contains such tried-and-true favorites as bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, filet mignon, pork chops, and fettuccini Alfredo in addition to cheeseburgers, fried fish every way, and one dynamite ranch chicken club. It’s exactly the gastronomic panorama I expect at a high-end casual joint, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality or the prices.

The other menu features more adventurous forays. Here we find short rib poutine, firecracker shrimp, pistachio-crusted chicken, Mahi tacos, and the like. It’s not high-brow by any means, but it’s exactly what Nick and Tom’s needs to stay hip with the youth.

Then of course we have the chili, which in Cincinnati bridges any and all divides. You’ll find it under “Soups,” much to the satisfaction of all those Texas-chili apologists. That’s because, on the chili viscosity spectrum, Nick and Tom’s product tracks closely with Skyline. Not that it should surprise anyone; the Nick and Tom of Nick and Tom’s fame bear the same surname—Lambrinides—of the Skyline founding family.

As if you needed another reason to go, right? And if you need one more, there's always the Keno machine.

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Nick and Tom’s is located at 5774 Bridgetown Road (45248).