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Newberry Bros. Coffee and Prohibition Bourbon Bar are located at 530 Washington Ave., Newport, KY 41071. / Image: Clay Griffith, Cincinnati Refined

This Newport Bar Has The Largest Selection Of Bourbon In The World

What the whaaat!?

"The #1 largest Bourbon selection in the world," you say? That's right. The world.

But (this is the kinda-hard-to-swallow part)... that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Here's everything you've been wanting to know about

What's the "elevator pitch"?
Newport swagger (the building's practically got history seeping outta the walls)
+ Bar (more than 800 Bourbons)
+ Cafe (the coffee's roasted in-house. Respect.)
+ Patio (sun-soaked summer, here you come)
+ Dog-friendly haven (check the photo gallery for a quick "awww!" or two)
+ Neighborhood fave (/ cycling community destination)

Can I have my bourbon and coffee at the same time?
I mean... Duh. As far as Newberry Bros. is concerned, it's all one big, buzzy-boozy, happy family.

Order that latte you're so fond of. Maybe add on a quick bite from the Bistro menu. And round out the experience with a tidy glass of that hard-to-find Bourbon you've been jonesing for.

Neat. So it's all in one big, magical place?
Magical? Definitely.
Big? Well... It's not too huge. It's not too small. It's just right.

Over the past year or so, the couple behind the magic (Kim & Peter Newberry) did a little expanding. The establishment's footprint, which initially only housed the cafe/bistro, flexed into the attached garage. Next thing ya know... Voila! The Prohibition Bourbon Bar is open, rocking, and making quite a rep for itself.

Sold. Any last "need-ta-knows"?
Make sure you're going on the right days. (Nothin' worse than making a date with your brand new café bestie, only to find out that you've mistimed the whole rendezvous. Right?)

This is a weekend spot (i.e. Friday through Sunday). Check the site for deets.

Alrighty! & Away I go.
See ya there.

- - -

Newberry Bros. Coffee and Prohibition Bourbon Bar is located at 530 Washington Ave., Newport, KY 41071.