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Orange creamsicle jar cake with orange vanilla buttercream / Image: Dreamery Photography // Published: 5.12.17

This Mother-Daughter Duo Makes Delicious Cakes In Glass Mason Jars

We all love food that reminds us of home, and one local home bakery has set out to provide exactly that experience for its customers with desserts that are both delicious and insanely adorable.

Naimah Spencer and her mother, Vallery, own and operate My Momma’s Kitchen. It's a bakery specializing in jar cakes -- rich 'n flavorful layer cakes assembled and frosted in mason jars.

My Momma’s Kitchen began its journey out Vallery’s kitchen in 2013, selling cakes on Etsy. In 2016, it expanded to a stand at Findlay Market.


Mason jars aren’t just an innovative way to package cakes. They were born from Naimah’s desire to send a little bit of love and home to her family.

While her siblings were traveling all over the world, Naimah wanted to send them desserts made from their mother’s recipes. Because of that, she discovered a way to scale them down to avoid high shipping costs by packing them into mason jars. Soon afterward, word of the jar cakes spread like wildfire among her family and their friends. Naimah knew then that she wanted to go into the baking business with Vallery.


After starting the bakery, Naimah couldn’t imagine her life being any other way. She considers working with her mother a blessing.

“As a little girl, I remember being with my mom in the kitchen, learning everything, just soaking up everything,” Naimah said. “I did everything with my mom as a little kid, so my memories, my childhood, involved my mom in almost every facet of my life.”

And these cakes are made from scratch, too, so you won’t find any artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives here -- just pure, natural ingredients. They also feature gluten-free options, and they’re always testing out new recipes and flavors in their kitchen.


You can find My Momma’s Kitchen’s jar cakes on Etsy or at Findlay Market's Farmers Market Shed Friday through Sunday at 1801 Race Street Cincinnati, OH 45202.