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Image: Phil Armstrong

Molly Wellmann's 5 O'Clock Tales Are the Next Best Thing to Going to Japp's

Molly Wellmann, Cincinnati's own award-winning bar owner and bartender, is still managing to make us all drinks using Instagram TV as her bar despite the closure of Japp's. She introduced her how-to series, 5 O'Clock Tales, on March 18th with a video detailing how to mix a bourbon-based cocktail called The Suburban.

The series airs every weekday at 5:00 PM on her Instagram channel. Ever the lover of the stories behind old fashioned drinks, Molly's short <10-minute videos begin by thoughtfully detailing the history of the drink she'll be making before delving into the ingredients needed to make it. She then follows up with a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process of crafting it yourself. While she mixes the drink, she shares her personal opinions about ingredients, different alcohols, preferred processes, and more. Should you follow along with Molly, you'll have a Wellmann-approved cocktail to enjoy as she wraps up the video.

Always impeccably dressed, the series is as much an unintentional fashion show as it is a how-to guide for mixing cocktails. One look at the enthusiastic comments—"That necklace is e v e r y t h i n g" and "that top! (fire emojis)"—reveals how much her audience appreciates her elaborate hats and jewelry. Even if you don't drink cocktails, it's worth tuning in to see what flashy, colorful outfit Tuna (Molly's cat who she refers to as her wardrobe manager) has picked out for Molly every episode. I've never seen so many cool, funky hats in my life; the one she wears in Episode 6 is especially excellent.

She's gaining attention (and future customers) for her videos, too. "I love these videos! I’ve never been to Japp’s, but I’m stopping in when this is all over," one commenter said.

As of this writing, Molly's done 10 episodes of 5 O'Clock Tales that you can go back and watch right now.

  • March 18 (Episode 1) - The Suburban (bourbon-based cocktail)
  • March 19 (Episode 2) - The Leave It To Me (gin-based cocktail)
  • March 20 (Episode 3) - The Moral Suasion (apricot brandy-based cocktail)
  • March 23 (Episode 4) - Alabazam! (brandy-based cocktail)
  • March 24 (Episode 5) - Blue Moon (gin-based cocktail)
  • March 25 (Episode 6) - The Alright Cocktail (whiskey-based cocktail)
  • March 26 (Episode 7) - Cugat Triple C (rum-based cocktail)
  • March 27 (Episode 8) - Mojito (rum-based cocktail)
  • March 30 (Episode 9) - Elks Fizz (whiskey-based cocktail)
  • March 31 (Episode 10) - South Side (gin-based cocktail)

Your favorite bartender makes a drink and you tip them, right? Though her bar is closed, Molly's still working hard to make her community drinks even if it's through unconventional means. In her videos, she asks viewers to consider contributing a tip to either her Venmo or GoFundMe to help her and her staff survive the financial burden of the pandemic.

Follow her on Instagram and learn you a thing or two about how to mix an excellent cocktail the Wellmann way.