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Margherita and Prosciutto: Italian tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella topped with prosciutto and baby arugula after bake / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 1.11.18

In A World Of Pizzavores, Midici The Neapolitan Pizza Company Satisfies

Unapologetic, grand statement: Pizza rules.

Carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, piscivores, anti-glutenvores (not a word), locavores — basically every type of vore — gets to eat pizza. With the intention of sounding ridiculous, it's an adaptable flavor medium designed to fit nearly every diet. It's dynamic with enough variable options to never become routine while also existing at disparate levels of quality depending on who's putting it together.

And speaking of "together," that's exactly what pizza brings people. It's shareable. With our passionate opinions about everything in today's divided America, I believe every U.S. citizen in their heart of hearts is a pizzavore.

That's something to celebrate. Perhaps Old Glory needs 50 pepperonis instead of stars.

From A Tavola's unusual-yet-delectable sweet pea & bacon specialty pizza to the greasy, gut-punch of a Hot-N-Ready from Little Caesars, Cincinnati has no shortage of toppings-loaded, circular flatbreads for everyone. And now, we have something altogether different from either end of the spectrum that props up the unrepresented middle.

MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company is the Italian pizza savior we've been waiting for to sew our country back together.

It's classified as a "fine, fast-casual" restaurant. Customers order at a counter then receive a number to place on their table for the server. The restaurant uses fresh, non-GMO ingredients in its pizzas, too. In other words, you won't need to rest a slice on your chest to take an impromptu siesta while eating it. I won't call it healthy, but it's definitely lighter and less stomach-rending than your garden variety takeout joint. Not feeling like a glutton in need of instant hibernation post-pizza consumption is a big plus, if you ask me.

Using massive ovens imported from Italy that reach upwards of 950F, MidiCi wood-fires up to three pizzas at a time with precision until the perfect temperature balance is achieved. But their attention to the food isn't the only thing going for them. Equal attention to the ambiance of the restaurant was clearly paid.

A live olive tree (yes, it's real) anchors the middle of the 120+ seat dining room, for one thing. The full bar that separates the ovens and pizza creation stations, dubbed "The Heart" by the owners, is purposefully lit by every available light in the room to spotlight the life of the business. Even the bathrooms are exquisite with their lack of 90 angles, racks of succulents and lotions, and dim lighting with inspirational mirror quotes.

Yes, it's fancy, but not in excess. I'd feel equally comfortable going there for an important business lunch meeting as I would lunch with my dumb friend who likes the Star Wars prequels a little too much.

And for Downtown, the food is affordable. Classic Neapolitan pizzas range from $7.95 to $10.25, and specialty pizzas range from $10.45 to $14.25.

When it comes to pizza, we all have a voracious appetite to satisfy. And though MidiCi may have an Italian name, Italian ovens, and Italian nearly everything else, Americans will feel right at home dining there.

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MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company is located at 595 Race Street (45202).