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JEFF RUBY's / Even if you don't smoke cigars yourself, having a cocktail at Jeff Ruby's cigar patio is an inimitable Cincinnati experience. / ADDRESS: 700 Walnut Street / Image courtesy of Jeff Ruby's // Published: 12.31.17<p></p>

9 Heated Outdoor Drinking Spots To Get You And Your Liver Through Winter

Really hard not to act like I'm advocating for alcoholism, but here goes...

Don't let the insufferable cold of Old Man Winter get in the way of you and your beer!

Oh well, anyways...

208 E 12th Street

The (second) worst news of 2016 came when Neon’s, the beloved patio bar in OTR, announced they were closing. But 4EG swooped in and now we’ve got Rosedale, which is as good—if not better—than its predecessor.

Heating: Those fire pits you know and love. (Also, beer.)

222 West 12th Street

During the 2017 interregnum before Rosedale reopened, OTR weekenders drowned their sorrows at Queen City Radio. Then they looked up and realized, hey, this place is actually really awesome. That's thanks to its great beer selection, top-notch outdoor setting, and wildly delicious food truck.

Heating: An outdoor tent with heat lamps.

700 Walnut Street

I don’t smoke cigars myself, but the sweet cigar smoke that perfumes Jeff Ruby’s cigar patio is one of the best smells on Earth. Enjoy it while having a drink, whether you smoke or not.

Heating: An outdoor tent with heat lamps.

3301 Madison Road

Cincinnati’s second-largest, locally-owned brewery fixed up this captivating industrial space on Madison Road in Oakley in early 2017. The outdoor patio is among the most beautiful settings in Cincinnati, which is surprising given how inauspicious the space looked just last year.

Heating: Tented beer garden with a fairly lavish heating setup, at least by the standards of this list.

24 W 3rd Street

With the arrival of The Blind Pig last year, O’Malley’s In The Alley found itself the unknowing back half of a two-person horse costume. (But we all kind of figured as much, didn’t we?) Anyways, the front half—a.k.a. The Blind Pig—is marked by a patio facing The Banks with enough heat lamps to unthaw Norway. Candidly, it’s very fine place to get drunk.

Heating: Yes, they stockpile heat lamps.

27 E 15th Street

It’s almost blindingly hip, but it’s also utterly infatuating. And I just found out you can walk away with one of their plants for like $20, so that’s pretty cool. Certainly better than (ahem) ripping off a leaf and trying to propagate them at home.

Heating: Part of their outdoor patio is a thatched tiki-hut with a fire pit. (Yeah buddy.)

210 E 8th Street

Bars may come and go, but Arnold's lasts forever. At least, that’s what it seems like. And for the duration of its existence, it’s been a chill place to hang outside in Cincinnati—whether chilly or not. Heaters abound, and the patio is enclosed anyways, so your sipping won’t be hampered by crosswinds.

Heating: Enclosed patio with heat lamps.

936 Hatch Street

Offering another enclosed patio, The Blind Lemon is Mt. Adams’ most secluded drinking space. Grab a hot apple toddy (yum!) from the bar and you’ll be doubly warm outside under the heaters.

Heating: Enclosed patio with heat lamps, part deux.

200 3rd Street

Newport’s famed Bavarian beer hall is where everyone got drunk in 2007. Ten years later it’s still one of the most fun places in the city. Winter doesn’t slow things either. Not that you’ll be able to actually feel things like temperature after a few of those steins.

Heating: Enclosed heated tent.