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Potato Soup / Image: Sarah Vester // Published: 7.27.17

La Soupe Salvages “Unsellable” Food And Gives Back To The Community

Imagine a storybook where, instead of a damsel in distress needing to be rescued, it’s food. This might seem like a strange idea for a story, but it’s exactly what La Soupe, a small “soupe shack” in Newtown, is doing for Cincinnati.

Heading the rescue effort is chef Suzy DeYoung. DeYoung founded La Soupe in 2014 after seeing an absurd amount of food go to waste while working in the catering business. With Cincinnati being among the top U.S. cities for childhood poverty rates, DeYoung knew she needed to save the food for those who needed it most.

Since 2014, La Soupe has grown into quite the knight in shining armor, if you will. It collects produce, bread, and pastries from over 10 local grocery stores and farms each week. This is food that would otherwise go to the fire-breathing dragon known as the landfill. The produce is transformed into soup & salad; and the bread and pastries are wrapped up. When it’s all ready to go, everything is divvied up and deliveries are made.

While DeYoung is very talented, she can’t do this all on her own. She has two other full-time staff members and four part-timers who rally together 200+ volunteers. Together, they do everything from picking up and delivering food to prepping the produce that comes in. Among these volunteers are members of the “Bucket Brigade,” a group of chefs from restaurants around the city (Mita’s, French Crust, and Hotel Covington to name a few) who help transform the 6,000 pounds of rescued perishables each week.

Aside from delivering meals to 47 different share agencies, La Soupe keeps a full stock of soups, salads, and s’mores for anyone and everyone to enjoy! The menu, however, is a souprise every day as it changes based on the ingredients that come in.

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La Soupe is located in Newtown at 4150 Round Bottom Road (45244).