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From now until the end of the year, the Wild Joe’s Beef Jerky Burger is available at Le Bar a Boeuf in Walnut Hills. Cincinnati chef Jean-Robert de Cavel teamed up with Wild Joe’s to create an original, gourmet burger focused around the signature beef jerky. It costs $20 and is served with house-made French fries. ADDRESS: 2200 Victory Pkwy (45206) / Image courtesy of Wild Joe’s Beef Jerky // Published: 12.14.17

Jean-Robert Devised A Limited-Edition Burger Using Wild Joe’s Beef Jerky

Do you enjoy burgers? If so, we've got a special treat in mind. Here's the lowdown...


A limited-edition beef jerky burger


Renowned Cincinnati restaurateur Jean-Robert and Wild Joe's Beef Jerky

Jean-Robert de Cavel owns five restaurants in Cincinnati.

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky was founded in Cincinnati in 1990 by local butcher Joe Lachenman. In December of 2016, Simply Unique Foods purchased Wild Joe's, though the Lachenman family still plays an integral role in the organization.


Le Bar a Boeuf restaurant, which is located inside The Edgecliff building in East Walnut Hills


From now until the end of the year, which means you only have a few weeks left to try it.


'Cause why not? If you need anymore convincing, scroll back to the top and view the photo gallery.

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Head to East Walnut Hills to try a beef jerky burger at Le Bar a Boeuf. Your stomach will thank you.