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John Wright, of Old Milford Parlor Coffee & Ice Cream -- Old Milford Parlor Coffee & Ice Cream is located at 119 Main St. in Milford, Ohio. Head over for a bowl of the sweet/ caffeinated stuff. [Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined]

It's Time To Caffeinate Your Ice Cream

So there I was, mindin' my own business...

The day was already off to a dandy start. Taking pictures of the Norman-Rockwell-level charm that is Old Milford is a pretty great way to spend one's time. And then -- outta the blue, Blammo! -- it appeared.

My eyes went all razzle-dazzle hazy, and the day (which, again, was already pretty golden) got a whole lot brighter.

Crank up the boppy/ vaguely "indie"/ unabashedly romantic tunes, folks. 'Cause from that moment on, the Old Milford Parlor: Coffee & Ice Cream and I were officially locked in the tastiest "meet-cute" of all time.

Fast forward to about 14 minutes later: I left the Parlor (formerly known as The Old Milford Creamy Whip) so laden with my favorite treats that I felt a bit like the Hamburgler. ... Except, y'know, if he had better taste. And a bigger sweet tooth. Between a perfectly iced coffee, the pound of freshly ground beans, and my first-ever "Java Whip" (a.k.a. my new obsession), I was in heaven.

And so it came to pass that this delightful eatery -- oh, glorious land where sweets & caffeine dance joyously hand-in-hand (and often in the same bowl)! -- came to be permanently ensconced on my radar.

The Long & Short:
As you can tell from the spot's sub-title ("Coffee & Ice Cream"), it's got pretty much everything you could ever want on a spring/ summer afternoon. A cone (with candy eyes, please!) for the kids. A quick jolt of caffeine for the parents. Done and done.

The Vibe:
Snazzy/ Old-school. There's a respectable (but not at all overwhelming) amount of vintage kitsch around, helping to land that nostalgic, happy-time-warp feeling that's at the center of the Parlor's M.O.

And then, on the other hand, there's a state-of-the-art TV hanging on the wall. (Playing, what else? classic movies from the good ol' days.) The mix of bygone & modern is just about as seamlessly swirled as the coffee they blend into your ice cream. Speaking of

The "Gotta Get":
Well, there' a bunch of buzz-worthy items on their periodic-table-inspired, wall-sized menu. But for me, it's between the affogato (an Italian favorite that takes a nice bit of vanilla ice cream, douses it with a double shot of espresso, and finishes with chocolate-covered espresso beans. Talk about buzz!) or, of course, that dreamy Java Whip (espresso + soft serve).

PS: They offer organic ice cream for dogs, too. Whaaat?!

The Folks
The two fellas steering the ship are John Wright and Nick Ganim. & By golly, yes, it's the very same Ganim family that's behind the beloved Mt. Washington Creamy Whip & Bakery.

What's Next:
Keep your eyes peeled for more Parlor sightings in your future. The team's got their eyes on opening more locations. After that? Hopefully, fingers crossed... the world! There's no such thing as "too much Java Whip in your life."

- - -

Want to find out more about Old Milford Parlor: Coffee & Ice Cream? Swing by in person (119 Main St. Milford, Ohio) or check out the shop's Facebook page.