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<p>Hyde Perk in Hyde Park is the only local coffee shop that has a drive-thru for your morning brew. That’s not the only thing that sets them apart from the cappuccino competition; it also serves breakfast, beer, wine, and chocolate. ADDRESS: 3664 Edwards Road (45208) / Image courtesy of Hyde Perk // Published: 10.29.18</p>

Hyde Perk Is the Friendly Local Coffee Shop With a Drive-Thru and Wine

Cincinnati has no shortage of great, local coffee shops. Heck, we've done our fair share of write-ups on the subject. Every neighborhood seems to have a favorite, beloved spot. But there is a particular combination of coffeehouse characteristics that makes one special. To be considered stellar, in my opinion, coffee shops need delicious drinks, a selection of snacks, comfy seating, good music, and a friendly staff.

Well folks, I'm here to tell you about a new favorite–Hyde Perk. It's located in (you guessed it!) Hyde Park, and it checks off ALL the items on the wish list—plus a few more. Here's what sets Hyde Perk apart from rest:


That's right. Hyde Perk is proud to call itself the only locally-owned coffeehouse in the area with a drive-thru window. You can skip the chain options and still order your cup of joe from the comfort of your car in your pajamas. (No judgement here!)


Of course they've got all the classics you'd expect—cappuccinos, cold brew, chai tea, espresso, lattes, and macchiatos. But in addition to the usual suspects, you can find a few other unique offerings here. First things first, they sell wine & beer. Need I say more?

Beyond drinks, they have a variety of snacks both sweet and savory to please your palate. The cheese board, the hummus plate, and all the bakery goodies are my favorites.


Now you may think it's odd to call this out, but how often are you desperate for a caffeinated beverage or a place to hustle through some work in the evening? For me, it happens more than you'd think. So the fact that Hyde Perk is open until 10 PM every night is pretty darn amazing. Here's an idea: start with work & coffee in the afternoon, then transition to a cocktail when it's finally five o'clock.


Call me a coffeehouse snob, but there is nothing worse than teeny tiny tables or crowded corners when you're trying to get your work done. This little spot has a surprising number of tables so you can always find just the right space to post up for the day. You're also bound to enjoy the cozy atmosphere thanks to its wall of windows, exposed wood beams, and charming copper tables.

There you have it, friends. Another Cincinnati coffee shop to add to your must-visit list. Whether you're looking for a place to work remotely, a spot for a date, or you just need non-chain coffee without leaving the Dodge Stratus, Hyde Perk will happily fill your cup.

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Hyde Perk is located at 3664 Edwards Road (45208).