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Groovy Gumball Candy Company is a trendy bulk candy shop in Mariemont. While it carries all the sweet essentials, the addition of bourbon balls makes the store stand out from others. Toothbrushes are available in the store as a way to encourage brushing. Kids who have a birthday or bring in a toothbrush to be recycled can exchange their old one for a brand new one. ADDRESS: 6846 Wooster Pike (45227) / Image courtesy of the Groovy Gumball Candy Company Facebook page // Published: 4.5.18

Mariemont’s Groovy Gumball Candy Company Is About To Make Your Day Sweeter

Five months ago, married couple Bridgett and Dave Karlson opened their trendy bulk candy shop in Mariemont, Groovy Gumball Candy Company, with one goal in mind: create a bonding space that recreates the nostalgia of childhood a place where candy memories can be made.

They’ve managed to do just that.

While the shop features old-time favorites such as butterscotch sticks, lemon drops, and the ever-popular 75-carat ring pop (I mean, how many of us have been proposed to by one of those bad boys, amirite?), Karlson notes that they’re best known for their Trump Hair Cotton Candy.

”People who love Trump love the cotton candy. People who hate Trump love cotton candy. We can all agree on the hair! It’s delicious!”

The shop is bright, colorful, fun, and its motto is awesome: Life is short, make it sweet! While it carries the candy essentials, the addition of bourbon balls on Groovy Gumball’s shelves both gives it an edge over other candy shops while also speaking to Bridgett’s personal love for bourbon.

“We have bourbon balls made with a 10-year-old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon. We also have Woodford Reserve, which I think is one of the best tasting bourbon balls you can get,” she says.

On top of being a bourbon connoisseur, Bridgett is a former flight attendant with 14 years of international travel under her belt. While flying abroad, she was able to sample many different chocolates and is now putting that knowledge to good use.

“It’s something else that sets us apart. People can come in here and shop internationally," she explains. "You can get chocolates from Italy, chocolates from Germany, and lots of candies from Sweden. I’m a foodie, and if I’m going to eat it, it needs to be really, really good quality.”

In addition to delicious daily confections (did I mention the fudge?), Bridgett came up with a brilliant, albeit slightly ironic, idea in an effort to make the candy consuming experience even better: she added toothbrushes.

According to Bridgett, the idea struck her while shopping for chocolate-flavored toothpaste to sell in her store. “We want to create memories, have enjoyable candy, but we don’t want to create cavities!”

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Find Groovy Gumball Candy Company at 6846 Wooster Pike (45227).