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ITALIAN PANTRY / This kit reproduces the authentic flavors of the Italian countryside, including aged balsamic vinegar of Modena, extra-virgin olive oil, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. / Available at / Image courtesy of Dorothy Lane Market

12 Gourmet Gift Baskets From Our Favorite Gourmet Grocer

The fascinating thing about gourmet food is you’re safe gifting it to everyone. That includes people you know (siblings, significant others, and very close friends) as well as people you don’t (co-workers, customers, and, uh, not-so-close friends).

They don’t need to be foodies either. Because you know what gourmet food is to someone who doesn’t appreciate gourmet food? Well, it’s still gourmet food. That is to say, it’s still delicious.

Dayton’s Dorothy Lane Market is ahead of the game here. Their online store——is stocked with all sorts of deliverable delicacies, from gourmet brownies to rustic breads. They’ve also put together dozens of stellar gift baskets. Some provide ingredients for a delicious three-course dinner. Others stock the pantry with goods from places around the world. Best of all, flat-rate shipping is available anywhere in the United States.

We’ve picked 12 of our favorite offerings for the gallery. Check ‘em out if you’re looking to impress, if you can’t figure out what to do about that white elephant gift, or if you’re just out of ideas in general.

Because whether under the tree, in the stocking, or on the conference table, the best thing you can give this Christmas is the gift of great food.


People talk about Dorothy Lane Market with a special kind of reverence in Southwest Ohio. I didn’t fully understand why until I stepped inside one and realized it’s more than a grocery store, it’s a gourmet food Mecca.

But it didn’t start out that way. Dorothy Lane Market began in 1948 as a Dayton fruit stand at the corner of Far Hills Avenue and, yes, Dorothy Lane. Five years later its owners—Frank Sakada and Calvin Mayne—outgrew the stand and opted for a store. Today, that one store is three, all impressively stocked with pantry staples, organic produce, and outstanding specialty foods.

National publications have taken notice. Dorothy Lane Market has been repeatedly recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Gourmet Retailer for its selection of food and impeccable service. It has also twice been named an Outstanding Retailer by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, which is a rather big deal and speaks again to the store’s quality.

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Dorothy Lane Market has three Dayton-area locations. For more information, visit

You can purchase any of the items in the gallery at