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Bruschetta -- Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined

Glendale's Meritage Is Looking Pretty Good Right About Now

Sure, there are some things you never really get tired of. A perfectly cooked steak. A well-poured drink. A cozy room filled with just the right amount of hustle-bustle. A new-to-you discovery that somehow makes ya feel you're one of the regulars.

I mean... Bring it on, right?

But when you get to add in an extra layer of excitement -- even if it comes from a simple twist here & there -- all of those familiar comforts take on a fresh, sparkly kind of verve. (Like, say... when ya hear your very favorite song for the first time in a long, long while.)

That, dear friends, is Meritage Restaurant.

Located in the charming historic district of Glendale, this much-beloved spot is marinating your favorite American classics with a sense of good ol' Midwestern ease and a bit of pizazz that's all its own. We're headed over for a bite & a sip. Care to join?

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Meritage Restaurant
is located in Glendale, Ohio at 40 Village Square, 45246.